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Are Smaller Printed Circuit Boards Actually Better?

small pcb boards better | Advanced Circuits

Miniaturization is the name of the game for electronics companies these days. As new devices in all industries are announced, the race is on to create something even smaller and more powerful. However, does having smaller printed circuit boards in smaller packages actually benefit a company? As you and your team work on new concept designs for products, keep in mind these factors that will affect the quality and cost of your project.

  • Materials – Organizations attempt to cut costs by shrinking the size of a component, hoping that smaller components lead to less material used and lower costs.
  • R&D – While materials costs may go down in the short term, the research and development costs associated with creating these smaller components may outweigh the benefits initially.
  • Process Development – In addition to the initial costs of creating the materials and miniaturizing PCBs, organizations also face costs associated with refining processes.

Weighing the Costs and Benefits of Smaller Printed Circuit Boards

In the long run, smaller printed circuit boards can lead to lower overall production costs. After initial investments in new components and PCB materials, engineers are able to work more performance and reliability into smaller packages. The key is to continually improve upon PCB designs to find new ways to maximize chip space. The result will be better quality, which is especially important when you are tasked with constantly adapting to new changes in technology. Get a jump on your next design and see how you can make the most out of your circuit boards with free PCB Artist software from Advanced Circuits.

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