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Printed Circuit Boards in Commercial Aviation

commercial aviation Printed Circuit Boards | Advanced Circuits

Not only are military and space applications requiring enhanced printed circuit boards, commercial aviation companies need specialized PCBs to deliver consistency, performance, and reliability. As the amount of electronic devices used in commercial aircraft continues to grow, integrated devices and new interfaces are needed in order to improve safety and ensure that multiple complex networks work together seamlessly.

PCBs Must Stand Up to Harsh, Mobile, & Mission-Critical Environments

According to Intelligent Aerospace, the industry has new demands for circuit boards and equipment that stands up to harsh, mobile, and mission-critical environments. New interfaces in airplanes will be based on IEEE 802.3 standard Ethernet technology, the organization explains, which would provide better support for systems such as flight control, energy usage, fuel consumption, coordination with ground crews, and operation of landing gears.

How Can Printed Circuit Boards Meet Demand?

As seen in countless other industries, a desire exists for aerospace applications to get faster and more powerful without costs going up. This presents a new set of challenges for engineers, who are being called upon to figure out more than increasing hard drive space in a smartphone. The most pressing problems to solve for airplane systems include:

  • Size and Complexity
  • Weight
  • Energy Consumption
  • Connectivity/Networking Ability

In addition to printed circuit boards being needed to support the equipment used to fly the plane itself, PCBs and other electronics are also in demand to improve the passenger experience. New entertainment systems, power outlets, and in-seat amenities put more stress on existing infrastructure and new technology and circuit board capabilities can make instant progress. Learn more about the latest in PCB design, manufacturing, and assembly by contacting a representative at Advanced Circuits today.

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