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Advanced Circuits Makes PCB Prototyping Easy

Advanced Circuits is well known in the industry for its impeccable quality, outstanding customer service, and trusted reliability.  Combine that with expanded manufacturing capabilities for both PCB prototyping and production quantities, and you have the best choice for all of your PCB prototyping needs.

Below are just some of the ways Advanced Circuits makes PCB prototyping easy:

Low Cost PCB Prototyping Special Offerings

We offer three great low cost options, BareBones, the ultimate cost saver for quickturn 2 layer PCB prototypes that ship in just 1 day.  When you need to test a simple 2 layer design and need it quickly at a low cost, BareBones is the perfect solution.

PCB Prototyping Special Price Offerings

Another great option for 2 & 4 layer quickturn PCB prototypes, is our $33Each and $66Each Special.  This special pricing offer is great for PCB prototypes that require just the basics while the price per board does not change as long as it stays within the 60 sq.in. maximum size restriction for 2 layer boards and 30 sq.in. maximum for 4 layer boards.

Click here or click on the image above to view all the details about these great PCB prototyping specials.

Turnkey PCB Prototype Assembly

With Advanced Circuits’ in-house PCB prototype assembly, you can have turnkey circuit boards delivered faster since your bare boards will flow seamlessly into our own PCB assembly department located alongside our PCB manufacturing – under the same roof.

We have the capabilities to finish both manufacturing and assembly of your boards in as quick as one day.  For more information about our assembly requirements, click here or contact your sales representative.

Tools That Help Speed Up Your PCB Prototype Design Process

PCB Artist is Advanced Circuits’ free PCB design software.  The complete software download takes just minutes and is free of subscriptions or paywalls of any kind.  Design PCB prototypes with up to 28 conductive layers using the sophisticated features and professional-grade layout capabilities with its easy-to-use interface.  The integrated ordering feature allows you to quickly configure your PCB order within the application and makes exporting your file for manufacturing with Advanced Circuits easy.

FreeDFM is another free tool that simplifies the ordering process.  Simply upload your PCB prototype design files to FreeDFM and quickly receive a detailed report of any possible manufacturability issues found in your design, a detailed quote, and a discount code for up to $100 off your next order – all within minutes.

To learn more about our PCB prototype manufacturing capabilities, click the link below or contact your Advanced Circuits sales representative.

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