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Multilayer PCB Manufacturing Capabilities

Advanced Circuits provides some of the most advanced PCB manufacturing capabilities in the industry, including multilayer PCB manufacturing up to 40 layers.  Our PCB fabrication solutions range from the simplest designs to the most rigorous requirements for medical, commercial, defense, and aerospace applications.  Click here for a comprehensive list of capabilities to support advanced multilayer PCB requirements.

Available Laminate Materials for Multilayer PCB Designs

We offer many laminate material options for your multilayer PCB requirements including the following:

FR4 for Multilayer PCB

  • Standard FR-4: Up to 40 Layers
  • Isola FR406: Up to 40 Layers

Halogen Free Laminates for Multilayer PCB Designs

  • Ventec VT-441, VT-447: Up to 40 Layers
    Isola Terragreen: Up to 40 Layers

RoHS Compliant Materials for Multilayer PCB

  •  ITEQ IT-180A: Up to 30 Layers
  •  ISOLA 185HR: Up to 30 Layers
  •  ISOLA 370HR: Up to 40 Layers
  • FR408HR: Up to 40 Layers
  • ISOLA I-Terra MT (RF/MW): Up to 40 Layers
  •  Nelco BT-N5000: Up to 30 Layers
  •  Nelco 4000-29: Up to 40 Layers
  •  Nelco 4000-13 & 13SI: Up to 40 Layers
  •  Nelco 4000-13EP & EPSI: Up to 40 Layers
  •  Polyimide: Up to 40 Layers
  •  Cyanate Ester: Up to 20 Layers

RF Materials for Multilayer PCB Designs

  • Rogers 3000 Series (FR4 w/ RO3000 Caps): Up to 20 Layers
  • Rogers 4003C & 4350B: Up to 20 Layers
  • Rogers 5870/5880: Up to 8 Layers
  • Isola IS680: Up to 40 Layers
  • I-Terra RF MT: Up to 40 Layers
  • Isola Astra MT77: Up to 40 Layers
  • Rogers 6000 Series: Up to 4 Layers
  • Rogers Diclad 880: Up to 20 Layers
  • Rogers AD300A: Up to 20 Layers
  • Rogers CuClad 280: Up to 20 Layers
  • Rogers CTLE: Up to 20 Layers
  • Isola I-Speed: Up to 40 Layers
  • Arlon Genclad 280: Up to 10 Layers
  • Arlon LX250: Up to 10 Layers
  • Arlon GYN 2.17 DK: Up to 10 Layers

Advanced HDI & Signal Integrity Laminates

  • Rohacell: Up to 12 Layers
  • Isola Tachyon 100G: Up to 40 Layers
  • Isola I-Terra MT 40: Up to 40 Layers

For more information about our multilayer PCB capabilities and available materials, please click here to contact your regional sales representative.

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