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A USA PCB Manufacturer Is a “Hands-On” Design Option

Lots of products require PCBs or printed circuit boards, and the design process can be difficult and costly. This is why so many manufacturers and inventors will settle for a “no-touch” process. In other words, we do not get to ensure the function, effectiveness or even appropriate design of our PCBs until the single prototype, small-batch, or mass production has been completed. It is a major source of buyer’s remorse, lost momentum, and (naturally) wasted money. Yet, many producers and manufacturers see it as a necessary evil, and it is why a USA PCB manufacturer is becoming a popular choice.

Domestic producers, and especially those that do not subcontract or outsource, can guarantee a hands-on opportunity. In the past, those in need of PCBs might visit the production facility, bring along designs, and work with engineers to problem solve or troubleshoot designs long before production is initiated. Today, that is out of the question, and so producers make a leap of faith where their choice in a USA PCB manufacturer is concerned.

The good news is that such a leap (and risk) is no longer required. Advanced Circuits rates as one of the top at the game, and is a USA PCB manufacturer that provides clients with an entirely “hands-on” experience. We do this by offering an array of premium services and resources. As a simple example, our clients can rest assured thanks to the following features of our service offerings:

  • 24-hour support – Customer service around the clock is essential, but we also feature a live tech support team that features an actual CAM engineer at any hour of the day or night.
  • We are never a broker – We never sub out work but instead rely on our world-class, 62k square foot production facility that guarantees the speed and quality most customers want but don’t always receive.
  • No tooling charges – When an order features Standard Specifications, we are glad to waive tooling charges and always cancel out such fees on reorders of Standard Spec as Custom Spec items.
  • No minimum orders – There are no minimum lot requirements, meaning that clients are not forced to invest in huge orders with more PCBs than they might need or use.
  • Best shipping record – Advanced Circuits has the BEST ON-TIME SHIPPING RECORD in the industry, and is now shipping 50% of orders early! In fact, we say we “put our money where our mouth is . . . and we ship Standard Spec orders on time or it’s FREE!”

Because we produce everything onsite, there is no need to worry that a “no-touch” process is required. We facilitate the design, production and assembly process and ensure fast turnaround times, too.

Work with a USA PCB manufacturer for Worry-Free Production

As one of the most recognized names in the PCB, prototype assembly, and SMT technologies industry, we will provide both fabrication and assembly. Yet, it is our printed circuit board design features that eliminate the risks of a no-touch approach.

How? The resources we make available as a USA PCB manufacturer include:

PCB Artist – Whether a first-time designer or an experienced team, most clients love the free access we provide to this innovative PCB design software. As a client, you enjoy unrestricted use, with capabilities of up to 28 layers and more than 500k parts, a controlled auto-router function, multi-page schematics, and more. Those unfamiliar with it find it amazingly easy to use, and it is frequently described as the very best printed circuit board design tool. It reduces the risk of error and enables us (as a preferred USA PCB manufacturer) to streamline production.

FreeDFM  – If a client uses their own Gerber file software (or other design tools), this free resource provides a comprehensive and fast design assessment. It works easily by uploading a copy of the design files, ensures they feature all essential data, makes corrections when possible, and generates a report of any potential glitches. If the order for production is then run through this program to our offices, the client receives an email with a special discount code for the order.

Additionally, every single order receives a free engineering file review before the fabrication process is initiated. If a client decides to use Gerber files without any other resources, our team of engineers still does a full check of the plans ahead of any production runs. This guarantees that customers never experience the kind of financial or production pains they might have previously experienced when working with or through outsourcing and/or brokers. Rather than dealing with useless products full of potentially correctable design flaws that were left unchecked in the design and fabrication processes, we are a USA PCB manufacturer guaranteed to deliver the desired outcomes.

Don’t Want a Learning Curve?

It is entirely natural that many producers will want the benefits of a free design tool and free design checks, but don’t want to deal with the learning curve associated with new software or new processes. The good news is that this is not required in order to enjoy the benefits of such a top-tier USA PCB manufacturer.

As noted, you can always use existing Gerber files or use PCB Artist and enjoy its printable tutorials and video options that walk even a beginner through the complex process of PCB design and manufacturing. Whether the design has SMT technologies, HDI requirements or is a simple and straightforward process, the software makes it easy and fast to handle.

More Reasons that Advanced Circuits is an Optimal USA PCB Manufacturer

There are so many reasons to take advantage of the benefits offered by Advanced Circuits. Whether a client requires just a few prototypes or a large number of PCBs, Advanced Circuits is the kind of comprehensive, domestic USA PCB manufacturer that eliminates the hassles of outsourced or brokered production. Orders arrive on time or are free, and every single board receives expert evaluations and will be produced to exact specifications.


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