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A One-Stop Shop Approach to PCB Manufacturing

Advanced Circuits is the leading one-stop shop for full-service PCB manufacturing and quickturn, prototype quantity PCB assembly under one roof.  Since 1989 the company has grown to become the third largest PCB manufacturer in North America by offering the industry’s best on-time shipping record, the largest support team, expanded capabilities, and quickturn PCB manufacturing options.

Advanced Circuits Meets All Your PCB Manufacturing Requirements

There are many reasons why more OEM design engineers work with Advanced Circuits than any other PCB manufacturer in North America.

Our “one-stop shop” approach goes beyond PCB and Assembly under one roof, we go the extra mile to ensure all your PCB needs are covered; from the design stage with powerful design tools and support to the final stages of production with the industry’s best on-time shipping record.

PCB Design

To help design engineers with the PCB design stage, we offer our completely free and highly capable PCB Artist layout software with an extensive component library of over 500,000 parts to make the design process easy.  The fully downloadable software does not require a subscription and does not limit its design capabilities or features in any way.  When you are ready to order, the software easily integrates with our systems so you can avoid complicated file exporting procedures and know that the PCB Artist will provide all the information needed for manufacturing your printed circuit boards with Advanced Circuits.

Gerber File Check for PCB Manufacturing

Anyone who has Gerber files ready and would like to run a final manufacturability check to ensure the PCB manufacturing process will be smooth and ensure all requirements are met prior to purchasing can use our FreeDFM check tool.  Advanced Circuits provides this free tool to everyone at no cost and without obligation or purchase requirements so that users receive an automated detailed report of any issues found in the PCB design prior to ordering.  Along with the report, FreeDFM also sends a PCB manufacturing quote with a discount code for up to $100 off your order.  FreeDFM allows users to save money on their order and it also saves you time by being able to identify and fix any issues that otherwise would have caused the order to be placed on CAM Hold.

PCB Manufacturing with Hands-On Support

Advanced Circuits’ customers can rely on the industry’s largest support team before, during, and after production.  When you call us, your call is directed to your regional sales team who will work closely with you through each step of the process.  Once your order is placed, our experienced CAM engineers manually inspect each and every file provided to ensure a worry-free production process.

Quickturn PCB Manufacturing as Fast as Same Day

We offer comprehensive turntimes for PCB manufacturing to accommodate your specific needs.  For orders where cost is more important than the delivery date, we can offer 1 to 4 week turns which reduces the cost of the order.  For time-sensitive orders, we are able to offer same day turns to 5 day turns and weekend turns are also available for qualified orders for Saturday morning shipping.  To compare turntimes and cost, log-in to get an Instant Quote.

 In-House Prototype Assembly

Advanced Circuits makes turnkey PCB prototyping easy with our own state-of-the-art PCB assembly department located alongside our bare board manufacturing, under the same roof.  We maintain full control of the entire process so you don’t have to manage multiple vendors and lose days in transit from one vendor to the next. When you choose Advanced Circuits, you can be sure that your PCBs flow directly into our in-house Assembly Department to begin assembly without delay.

Your PCB Manufacturing Partner

Advanced Circuits is your PCB manufacturing partner and you can count on us at every step of the process.  Rely on the impeccable quality, outstanding service, and trusted reliability that only Advanced Circuits can provide.

  • S. based manufacturer
  • Best on-time shipping record
  • Expanded capabilities
  • 24 hr. live tech support
  • No min. order requirements
  • Same day & weekend expedites
  • Flight & space approved supplier
  • Free PCB design tools
  • On-site IPC certified trainers
  • High-reliability focus

To learn more about our services and PCB manufacturing capabilities, click here to contact your Regional Sales Representative or click here to download our company presentation.


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