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Why Use PCB Artist for Printed Circuit Board Layout?

There are many PCB layout software packages in the market.  Some are very costly and provide advanced layout features and tools.  There are also free PCB layout software available which often come with limitations to its PCB layout capabilities.  Determining which option is best for your PCB layout needs and PCB fabrication requirements can be difficult.

In this post we discuss some of the main benefits of using Advanced Circuits’ own PCB Artist free layout software.

1. PCB Artist is Completely Unrestricted & Free

Advanced Circuits’ PCB Artist is completely unrestricted and free to download and use.  While many PCB layout software packages in the market require subscriptions and implement pay-walls to grant access to key features and functionality, PCB Artist does not.  Once you download the PCB Artist software, the user is able to take advantage of all of its functionality and powerful tools.

 2.  Get Free Access to PCB Artist Library of Over 500,000 Components

Take advantage of PCB Artist massive library of components that is free to use.  This feature alone will help you have a great deal of time in your PCB layout process by simply searching for the components your PCB requires and eliminating the need to design component footprints and symbols from scratch for most of your parts.

3.  Easy Transfer of Files for Manufacturing and Gerber Format Available

Advanced Circuits’ PCB Artist makes placing your order for fabrication fast and easy with its in-app quoting and ordering feature.  When you enter your board parameters and specifications for your PCB layout, PCB Artist provides an instant quote.  Once your design is completed and you are ready to place your order with Advanced Circuits, the software walks you through each step of the process and exports your files in one seamless process to complete your order.   Once you have placed your first order with Advanced Circuits for your design, you may also request files in Gerber format.


For more information about our PCB Artist layout software, please click here or contact our PCB Artist Tech Support via email Layouthelp@4pcb.com or phone (8:00am – 5:30pm MST) Call 1-800-979-4722 x.1025.


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