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Toss the Prototyping Board – PCB Fabrication Is Easier and More Affordable Than Ever

The use of a prototyping board might be a fun thing for the DIY scientists and creators in the world, but building a “one-off” project is pretty labor-intensive. It involves the use of that “breadboard” or prototyping board, a schematic, and all of the steps that are required to build the circuit board from scratch. Kynar wires, wire cutting and stripping tools, a core solder and paste, tweezers, magnification, and patience!

Yet, turnaround times, costs, and one-off capabilities have not been available to the average designer…at least, not until now. While the professional level fabrication of circuit boards doesn’t involve the prototyping board but instead takes many steps (design, DFM checks, film creation, mapping of copper paths, and all of the way to V-scoring and testing, among other steps), it can now be done on the same day!

Advanced Circuits has turned PCB design and manufacturing on its head, and has made the classic prototyping board look as out of date as the Model-A Ford does to the Tesla.

A One-Day and One-Stop PCB Opportunity

With more than 25 years in the circuit boards industry, Advanced Circuits has real-time capabilities that ensure anyone eager to make a single board or conduct an experiment prior to marketing a design or concept can do so quickly and flawlessly. We have thousands of square feet of production space, we offer clients an in-house PCB assembly system from start to finish, and we can also provide:

  • One day PCB – We are one of the few PCB makers that can manufacture and assemble circuit boards and ship them out in as little as a single day – including items that would once have required someone working in a lab using their outdated prototyping board.
  • Quality – Most in the modern PCB industry approve of Advanced Circuits’ design resources, the company’s inspection process that begins with a full CAM review before any manufacturing begins, and the services that include visual inspections of the final circuit boards.
  • Clear pricing – Also unlike many other producers, we do not ask for stenciling fees, setup fees, and other charges.
  • Comprehensive support – Our team works with you every step of the way. We begin with a quote based on initial design uploads and then work with an order of any size (one to one thousand, or more PCBs) to final production and assembly phases.

We are an authentic “one-stop” and often “one-day” shop, with a completely seamless process under a single roof. Whether it is a single board or an array of options, everything remains in the hands of the company’s designers and engineers. Don’t worry about outside vendors looking at a concept or messing up a design, and also don’t worry about delays, problems, and errors. Advanced Circuits’ in-house production and assembly make these risks a non-issue.

Amazing Resources Well Beyond Replacing Prototyping Boards

It is great to toss that prototyping board, but there are even greater benefits for clients of Advanced Circuits. As noted, we impose no minimum orders, making us an ideal solution for  small to mid-sized producers or designers. We make design nearly foolproof thanks to our  “eyes at all times” approach, and our remarkable resources for clients to use free of charge. We include:

  • Free Design Software – The cost of PCB design software is part of doing business, but the Advanced Circuits PCB Artist software is available in an unrestricted format and entirely for free. It is a free download (Windows only at this time) and is capable of up to 28 layers in a single design. The program has over 500k parts from which to choose, integrates a controlled auto-router function to speed up design processes, and offers multi-page schematics for more complex projects. With a complete library of tutorials to train those using the program, there is no reason not to take advantage of it (and the discounts given to clients who opt for the use of either free software). It makes the use of that prototyping board unnecessary.
  • Free Evaluation Software – For those already using a CAM program of ours, use of FreeDFM allows any design to be tested. The files are exported in a Gerber format and the entire file will be reviewed. The software can correct any glitches and generate a report indicating changes or potential problems. Troubleshooting the flawed prototyping board is now a permanent relic of the past.
  • CAM Engineer Evaluations – All products are evaluated by one of the in-house engineers before production begins in order to spare clients any costly mistakes.
  • Clients always have access to tech support – Our around the clock customer support includes the help of a CAM engineer, and these experts are available 24 hours a day.
  • Ordering through the software – When a client runs the proprietary software available through the site, they also have the choice of ordering at the same time. They still get that CAM engineer review and checks for errors and get a discount code as an incentive.

Everything is done in-house – from customer service to final production. This eliminates most of the problems in the design process. Why remain an advocate or user of prototyping boards and breadboards when the resources from Advanced Circuits are available? With them, clients enjoy the same kinds of hands-on attention they might in a real-world lab. Production is never outsourced. Evaluation is never outsourced, and there are no risks as there are in the “no-touch” approach used by a lot of fabricators (who want to receive your pre-tested files and get to work).

Rigorous Quality Checks & Premier Client Support

We do rigorous examinations of a design before we begin. We are never a broker that sends the work elsewhere. Rather, designers and clients enjoy a one-stop answer to their circuit board needs, and troubleshooting is part of the equation. This is one of the biggest benefits to those who would otherwise use the clunky prototyping board option. Instead, it is free design tools, free testing, and one-day manufacturing of even a one-off item.

We are quick turn specialists with some of the fastest turnaround times and shipping. In fact, Advanced Circuits offers the BEST ON-TIME SHIPPING RECORD in the industry, and is now shipping 50% of orders early! In fact, we ship Standard Spec orders on time or they’re FREE!

Clients who want to toss the prototyping board and enjoy a flawless design process full of support and even corrections and adjustments that guarantee success, rely on Advanced Circuits!


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