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Quick Turn PCBs and Other Important Factors in Choosing a Manufacturer

Everyone will have different elements that they will consider to be the “most important” when they are choosing a manufacturer for their printed circuit boards. For some, having quick turn PCBs that can be shipped back to them in a matter of days is the key factor. Others might be looking at the available customization options, while others might want to choose a company that has a strong reputation in the field.

When you are choosing a manufacturer for PCBs, you should consider not only the most important factors for you but all of the factors that go into a great company. This helps to ensure that you are choosing your manufacturer correctly.

Below, we will be looking at some of the factors that tend to be at the top of many peoples’ lists when they are looking for a PCB manufacturer.

Are Quick Turn PCBs Important for You?

Whether you are creating your prototype, or you are looking to have a large number of printed circuit boards manufactured, you want to know how long it will take. Sometimes, you do not have as much time as you might like. You need the PCBs as soon as possible. This means that you need to choose a manufacturer capable of meeting your specific needs not only in terms of quality but also turnaround time. It is important to realize that not all companies will be able to offer quick turn PCBs.

Fortunately, you will not find that problem with Advanced Circuits. We have a range of options available to meet the needs of our customers. We can offer same-day turns for those who are placing their two-layer PCB order by 8:15am MST. These boards will be shipped the same evening. Additionally, if you submit two-layer or multilayer PCB designs on Friday, we will build the boards over the weekend, so they can arrive by Monday morning.

We offer small quantity and quick turn assembly services that ensure you are getting the PCBs you need when you need them. We also have an on-time guarantee. Our company built a reputation on being able to provide quick turn PCBs, and this means that we will guarantee that your standard spec PCBs will ship on time, or they are free.

Reputation and Experience of the Company

One of the first things that you should look for when choosing a manufacturer for your PCBs is how much experience they have in the field. Are they a new entrant into PCBs or do they have several decades in the field? While there might be some new companies offering quality products, they do not have the reputation of older companies. This also often means they will not have the same capabilities. They will not be able to get the materials they need at good prices. Those companies will not have dedicated manufacturing facilities, and it is unlikely that they will have a reliable process for quick turn PCBs. A good reputation and experience go a long way in this field, so do not overlook how important it can be.

The Standard and Custom Options

When it comes to the standard and custom PCB options that a company offers, you need to understand what they mean by those options. Some companies, for example, will not have true custom printed circuit boards, but will only offer standard options. Take the time to learn how many layers are available, whether they have a minimum number you will need to order, board thicknesses, copper weight, materials, and more. You have to be sure the company can provide you with the boards you need.

Customer Service

How the customers are treated is also important and something you will not want to overlook. Find a company that can guarantee their quality and their quick turn PCB time. Make sure that you have plenty of ways to contact the company if needed, and that the manufacturer offers free checks of your work before going into production. This helps to reduce the possibility of creating boards that are not going to work.

Overall Capabilities

What are the overall capabilities of the manufacturer? Will they be capable of providing you with just a prototype if needed? Will they be capable of offering short runs, as well as producing the PCBs you need on a massive scale? You have to think about what your needs are right now, and what they could be in the future when you are choosing a PCB manufacturing company. Take the time to learn more about the company’s certifications, such as whether they can offer military-grade PCBs. How many facilities do they operate?

Additionally, you will want to be certain that the PCBs are being made in facilities owned and operated by the company. Some manufacturers shunt their production off to other parties, which means you cannot always rely on the quality or the speed. Learn as much as possible about the company you are considering and then make up your mind whether you want to do business with them or not.

These are some of the most important things you will want to consider when you are choosing your PCB manufacturer. Always make sure that the company you choose can meet, and hopefully exceed, your needs.

Get in Touch with Advanced Circuits

If you are looking for a company that excels in all aspects of PCB manufacturing and customer service, Advanced Circuits is ready to provide you with what you need. We have decades of experience in the field and we have a range of quality services and features that help to make us a top choice in the field. We are the third-largest PCB manufacturing company in the United States, and we want to ensure our customers are always happy with the orders they place. Our experience, our size, and our dedication help to ensure that you can count on our quick turn PCBs.


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