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PCB Design Software: Reasons to Choose PCB Artist

Advanced Circuits® expanded services, free PCB design tools, and hands-on support, makes ordering your printed circuit boards easy.

One of the free PCB design tools offered by Advanced Circuits® is PCB Artist®, a free PCB layout software download that makes it easy to design, quote, and order your printed circuit boards.

Below are some of the reasons PCB design engineers choose PCB Artist®.


Free Professional-Grade PCB Design Software

PCB Artist® is 100% free, yet its capabilities and features rival those from costly CAD packages.  The software does not require a subscription of any kind and does not have paywalls that limit your PCB design capabilities.

Anyone is welcome to download the full version of PCB Artist® at no cost by visiting our secure website (4PCB.com) and clicking on the download link.

Most Popular PCB Design Software on CNet’s Downloads.com

Since PCB Artist® became available on Cnet’s Downloads.com it has become the most active PCB design software on the platform with over 270,000 downloads; far more than others on the same platform.

PCB Artist® is highly rated for its ease-of-use and layout capabilities.  One user writes, “I am so thrilled that my prototype boards were inexpensive, they came back working the first time, and I didn’t have to fuss with figuring out how to get all the right design files together in the right format. For my next prototype, I’m going to start in PCB Artist® first”.

A Free PCB Design Software With Live Tech Support

Getting someone on the phone to help with software issues or troubleshooting can be extremely difficult and even impossible if you are using free software.  That is not the case with Advanced Circuits’ PCB Artist®.

Advanced Circuits’® focus on customer support and service extends to it’s free PCB design software.  Live Tech Support is available for PCB Artist® by calling 1-800-979-4722 ext.1025 or by email through layouthelp@4pcb.com.

Component Library of Over 500,000 Parts

When you use PCB Artist®, you get free and unlimited access to a huge component library of over 500,000 parts.  This makes your PCB design process much faster by finding the parts you need for your design and applying them easily.

PCB Artist® also has a component creation wizard that streamlines the process for making custom footprints for parts that are difficult to find.

PCB Design Capabilities

PCB Artist’s® unrestricted design features and capabilities allow you to go beyond the basics.  The software enables users to create up to 28 layer boards, multi-page schematics, Native Eagle Import, and includes features that some costly CAD packages do not offer.

Click on the comparison chart below to learn more about our PCB design software.


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