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High-Performance Laminate Needs for PCBs

performance laminate printed circuit boards

A new study conducted by Research and Markets takes a look at PCB, material and interconnect trends and the needs for electronics assemblies for high-speed applications. This study, titled “Opportunities in the Supply Chain for High-Speed Electronics, 2012-2018”, explores the implications surrounding next-gen architectures and the supply chain as data rates increase. As devices and systems gain the capacity to support high-performance operations, new laminates will be needed for PCBs. In addition, components that offer advanced signal integrity, interconnect density and thermal management will also come into play. Consumers have seen much of this growth in the wireless communication sector, namely with tablet devices and new smartphones that continue to pack in features and hardware while improving performance and speed. The study also takes a look at laminates available now as well as forecasts for laminates and PCBs to 2018.

Choosing the Right Laminate for Your PCBs

Deciding on the right laminate for your PCBs is an important part of the design process. At the end of the day, you need your circuit board to connect all of your components and work efficiently in the intended application. As such, having the right laminate will allow you the functionality that you need and it can also have an effect on your project’s budget. When you are in the design stages for your PCB you should research the laminates that will work best and check with your manufacturer to ensure that the laminate you choose is compatible with their manufacturing and assembly process. If you have any questions you can contact an expert at Advanced Circuits to get the answers you’re looking for.

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