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Designing and Creating Circuit Boards Quickly Has Never Been Easier

Turnaround times on production or fabrication of circuit boards is rarely thought of as a fast or rapid process. After all, the many steps involved typically translate to a very lengthy period. From the initial design and output to design for manufacturing or DFM checks, film creation, mapping of copper paths, and all of the way to V-scoring and testing, will require extensive phases. This is often the reason that firms promising same-day turnarounds on some circuit boards are met with a bit of healthy skepticism by those with experience in such matters.

This is also why the same-day turnaround times that a firm like Advanced Circuits offers seem too good to be true, even though they are not.

One-Stop Printed Circuit Boards Shop

With more than 25 years in the circuit boards industry, we are one of the largest and few one-stop solutions for those in need of premium circuit boards and prototypes. With tens of thousands of square feet of production space, we offer clients an in-house PCB assembly system from start to finish.

Our capabilities include:

  • One day PCB – We are one of the few PCB makers that can manufacture and assemble circuit boards and ship them out in as little as a single day
  • Full support – Unlike many other manufacturers, our team works with you every step of the way. We begin with a quote based on initial design spec uploads and walk all clients through to the final production and assembly phases.
  • Quality – While many in the PCB industry approve of Advanced Circuits’ array of design resources, they also appreciate the inspection process that begins with a full CAM review before any manufacturing begins, as well as visual inspections of the final circuit boards produced.
  • Clear pricing – Also unlike many other producers, we do not ask for stenciling fees, setup fees, and other hidden, but ultimately unnecessary charges.

Keep in mind that we are also a chosen maker of circuit boards because of our one-stop system. This ensures a totally seamless process that occurs under a single roof and remains consistently in the hands of our designers and engineers. Without any outside vendors and with the option for production and assembly in a single space, there will be fewer risks of delays, problems, and errors.

Beyond In-house Production and Assembly of Circuit Boards

While the convenience and speed that comes with in-house production and assembly of printed circuit boards cannot be overlooked; the capabilities that Advanced Circuits makes available ensure a much more substantial list of benefits can be enjoyed.

For one thing, we impose no minimum orders, making us an ideal solution for small to midsized firms in addition to larger manufacturers. We also make design, even for the novice teams, remarkably foolproof. We do this through:

  • CAM engineer evaluations – All products are evaluated by one of the in-house engineers long before production begins in order to spare clients any costly mistakes.
  • Free design software – The cost of PCB design software is part of doing business, but the Advanced Circuits proprietary and exclusive PCB Artist software is available in an unrestricted format and entirely for free. It is a free download to a client’s desktop (Windows only at this time) and is capable of up to 28 layers in a single design. The program has over 500k parts from which to choose, integrates a controlled auto-router function to speed up design processes, and offers multi-page schematics for more complex projects. With a complete library of tutorials to train those using the program, there is no reason not to take advantage of it (and the discounts given to clients who opt for the use of our free software).
  • Free evaluation software – For those already using a CAM program of their own, the option for FreeDFM allows the manufacturing quality of a design to be tested. The files are exported in a Gerber format and loaded to the online software. This will review the entire file, correct any glitches and generate a report indicating changes or potential problems.
  • Customers get tech support – And while it is great to have customer support around the clock, few PCB firms will offer their clients an opportunity to troubleshoot with the help of a CAM engineer. However, Advanced Circuits does have experts of this kind available 24 hours a day.
  • Ordering through the software – When a client runs the proprietary software available through the Advanced Circuits’ website, they also have the choice of ordering through it at the same time. They still get that CAM engineer review and the crucial checks for errors, but they can use the software to make the order, too. And when they do, they receive a discount code as an incentive.

We live in a world of outsourcing everything. It is no longer just customer service and other phone service options that are sent overseas. This can make for a lot of difficulties in the design process. Even when there are online solutions that make uploading your proprietary files easier than ever; the danger for grave mistakes presents too many risks involving time, money and reputation. That’s why so many companies choose Advanced Circuits for their PCB manufacturing and assembly.

When you work with Advanced Circuits, you get the kinds of hands-on interaction and attention that the modern world is so short on. Rather than the distinctly “no-touch” approach used by a lot of fabricators (who want to receive your pre-tested files and get to work), we are a distinctly hands-on service. We run the printed circuit boards through rigorous examinations before any part of production begins. Since we are not a broker but are instead that one-stop solution making everything in-house, it is assured that we do all we can to prevent problems.

We have quick turns services specialists with some of the fastest turnaround times and shipping. In fact, we have the BEST ON-TIME SHIPPING RECORD in the industry, and are now shipping 50% of orders early! In fact, we ship Standard Spec orders on time or they’re FREE!

When you want a flawless design process full of support and even corrections and adjustments that guarantee success, depend on the Advanced Circuits team to produce and deliver your order.


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