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Demand More From Your PCB Manufacturer

Your PCB vendor should offer a full suite of complementary services, in addition to all the PCB types you require. Advanced Circuits provides over two decades of PCB manufacturing and assembly experience, including vital PCB design support. No minimums, no tooling fees, free CAM engineer reviews – these are but a few of the benefits you will receive when you order from Advanced Circuits.

Anyone involved in the electronics industry already knows that PCB & PCBs are interchangeable acronyms for the same thing: printed circuit boards. Not all manufacturers, fabricators and assemblers are able to offer the full array of PCBs because there are also HDI and other specialized options. These may call for more refined handling and even some degree of miniaturization and finer detailing that a standard vendor cannot offer.

Additionally, not all will provide their customers with the kinds of resources needed to get the most out of the entire design, production, and assembly process.

PCB Types

When in the market for PCBs, it pays to know what varieties your preferred provider can deliver. The basics include:

  • Single Layer
  • Double Layer
  • Multi-Layer
  • Rigid
  • Flexible
  • Flex-Rigid
  • High-frequency
  • Aluminum-Backed
  • Full Spec, and more

If your design features LDI, or laser direct imaging; more than 28 layers or with air pockets between layers; oversized styles; heavy copper; and more, the team at Advanced Circuits can supply you with these and any other type of PCBs you require.

Over Twenty Years of PCB Production & Assembly Experience

If you are looking for solutions to your PCB needs and you want a firm that offers the entire array of types, along with one-stop solutions in design, manufacturing, and assembly, Advanced Circuits is an ideal choice. With more than two decades in the creation of premium PCBs, we have one of the most comprehensive sets of solutions.

Advanced Circuits stands as one of the largest PCB manufacturing and assembly companies, and we are also noted as one of the most reliable in the PCB industry. This is because we do what we say we will, and it starts with something as simple as our shipping guarantees. For instance, we have the BEST ON-TIME SHIPPING RECORD in the industry and are now shipping 50% of orders early! In fact, we put our money where our mouth is . . . and ship Standard Spec orders on time or for FREE!

The Advanced Circuits Difference

We take on more than 200 new clients each month of the year, and most are referrals! We are able to get such loyalty because we:

  • Do not work as a broker – Our entire process is done in-house. Our 62k square foot manufacturing facility is able to quickly handle every step of the process. We facilitate easy delivery of your project’s Gerber files or design; have every single order reviewed (for free) by one of the in-house engineers; and any issues are identified and remedied long before fabrication begins. We are hands-on, and it means that no clients are left with something that is untenable because of a design flaw.
  • We guarantee stability – What’s worse than building a relationship with a PCB manufacturer only to see them go out of business or suffer a decline in customer support, quality, or efficiency? The team at Advanced Circuits offers their clients one of the most efficient, stable, and cutting edge facilities.
  • We have experts on hand at all times – While 24-hour customer support is not all that unusual, getting access to a CAM engineer at any hour of the day or night is certainly unique. Our clients can call in and have their design and engineering questions answered by a professional engineer at any time. Remember that all clients also get a free CAM engineer review of their designs, ensuring no glitches exist before the manufacturing process begins.
  • We offer free design support – Design is the crucial factor in any PCB process. Make one mistake and the batch is unusable and all of that money and time are gone. The good news is that Advanced Circuits clients have the use of several free software options meant to eliminate such risks. There is our free and unrestricted PCB Artist software that contains more features than even the strongest competitor; and may outdo the traditional Gerber file options. This enables easy design checking, but it is also possible to upload any files through FreeDFM, our free file review program that assesses, corrects and reports.
  • Ease of use – Instant quotes are available from the website, and every client has a unique customer page where they can place orders or reorder previous items. They can also use the file uploading options and follow the progress of any order. Their ordering can be done right through the free PCB Artist software, but also through the web page. Test certifications and C&Cs can be ordered here too.
  • No minimums – It can be cost-prohibitive to order the parts needed when the manufacturer imposes arbitrary minimum lot requirements. With the no minimum PCB orders, Advanced Circuits’ clients never find themselves holding on to too many components.
  • No tooling fees – It can be disappointing to order standard spec PCBs, only to get slammed with a high tooling charge. Our clients don’t have to worry. The standard spec order is always free of tooling charges. If a client reorders something that was once previous standard spec, as a custom spec order, that no fee status remains.

Advanced Circuits – Your Premier Provider of Printed Circuit Boards 

While it is important to ensure that your PCB manufacturer has all of the types of PCBs available, it is just as significant to ensure they have the fullest range of complementary services, too. One-stop shops like Advanced Circuits, which domestically manufacture and assemble PCBs, provide the greatest degree of control over the quality and cost of your projects. The benefits of working with us are immense, and whether it is a tiny batch or a massive assortment of printed circuit boards, you can rest assured we’ll make your order easy, efficient, and successful.


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