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Circuit Board Manufacturers Take Notice of Increase in Tablet Shipments

tablets and printed circuit boardsAccording to a new report from International Data Corp., worldwide tablet shipments are up 36.7 percent year-over-year and seven percent sequentially. In the third quarter of this year, shipments grew to 47.6 million units. Android products drove much of the growth,while iOS growth stalled likely due to there not being a release in the iPad product line during the period. For circuit board manufacturers, the added demand and volume in the tablet market is helping the industry evolve and produce PCBs that expand capabilities for product designers. As designers continue to add features to future products and require more integrated circuit boards, PCB manufacturers will need to anticipate changes and be there when the time comes. With the new iPad Air and iPad Mini models set to ship in November, PCB makers can expect even more growth in the tablet industry when the Q4 numbers are released.

Finding a Circuit Board Manufacturer for Your Products

When you are creating a new product or working on a project you need to make sure to get the printed circuit boards. Check with your circuit board manufacturer about their capabilities so you know you will get the PCBs you need so you don’t need to sacrifice quality to make it fit in your product. In addition to size limitation, your PCB manufacturer can give you more information on the materials and finishes available for use, as well as the amount of layers possible. To get started with your PCB order, contact a representative at Advanced Circuits to learn more.

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