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Advanced Circuits Tests PCBs During Production

Advanced Circuits Tests PCBs During Production

It is important to know that the printed circuit boards you order will work exactly how you need them. That is why the team at Advanced Circuits tests boards for opens and shorts in the circuitry as one of the last steps of production. This way, you know that the PCB that you order is absolutely ready to be used how you need it. During the testing process, programs can be loaded onto test machines to check for any issues. Advanced Circuits tests 100 percent of the networks on your circuit board for continuity and isolation. You can find out more about the production process by talking with a representative.

Getting the PCBs You Need from Advanced Circuits

At Advanced Circuits there are no minimums when placing your PCB order. This is so you get exactly the amount of printed circuit boards you need to get the job done without getting stuck with extra boards that you have no use for. To place your order, you can start by uploading your files to Advanced Circuits’ free DFM file checker. This will help streamline your order so you get the perfect boards quickly.

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