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OCTOBER 19, 2020

Advanced Circuits Announces New Live Chat Feature for Customers

Advanced Circuits, a leading provider of PCB manufacturing and assembly services, recently launched a brand new LIVE web chat feature to provide instant customer service support from Advanced Circuits experienced Sales team and engineering professionals.

To add to their commitment to excellent customer service, Advanced Circuits created the LIVE web chat to put customers in touch with a professional sales expert and technical staff if needed.   The LIVE Chat runs from 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM MST.

The USA-based PCB manufacturer already offers an experienced regional sales team to help customers with their custom PCB orders and PCB assembly orders. Now the industry experienced sales team gives instant assistance on the LIVE Chat on PCB capabilities, design file help, and more to help them place an order.

LIVE Chat – Not Automated

When customers utilize the LIVE Chat from Advanced Circuits, they are able to access the advanced industry specific sales teams and engineering teams that are prepared to answer any questions about PCB prototyping, manufacturing, and assembly. They are also able to answer questions surrounding PCB orders including pricing, order status, and shipping.

How Advanced Circuits Leads the Competition in Customer Service

The company prides itself on innovative customer service in reliability. Their customers choose them for quality PCB fabrication, reliable manufacturing and assembly services, free design software, on-time shipping, and now, live chat tech support.

Real customers of Advanced Circuits shared their experience with the sales team.

“As always, thanks so much for your help. Your quick responses are always really helpful, and the excellent customer service at Advanced Circuits is what keeps me coming back.”

“First, thank you for your help. I appreciate the personal touch you seem to try to have with your customers. In today's world of automatic voice messages and automatic tellers it is great to speak with people. Thanks again for your service!”

“I was quite impressed with fab managers even calling me past 9 pm to obtain a clarification on a board issue that arose. This is the first time I've ever been able to straighten out a fast-turn PCB order from the middle of a shopping-mall food court.”

Contact Advanced Circuits

If you would like to discuss PCB manufacturing and assembly projects at your convenience, visit their website and use the new LIVE Chat tool to get started. www.4pcb.com. 1-800-979-4722.

About Advanced Circuits

Advanced Circuits is the 3rd largest PCB Manufacturer in the US providing exclusive comprehensive services under one roof since 1989. The company specializes in prototype and production quantities with in-house PCB assembly capabilities and a wide range of other solutions for various industries. Their innovation, quality, and customer engagement sets them apart from other manufacturers in the PCB industry. Standout services and benefits of partnering with Advanced Circuits include:

  • Free PCB design software
  • Free Gerber file checks
  • Best on-time shipping record
  • Quick-turn options
  • Instant quotes
  • Easy order status tracking
  • USA-based manufacturing
  • Small quantity and large scale production capabilities
  • Real time expert chat feature online

With their new Live Chat Feature, customers can always reach a “live” person at Advanced Circuits to discuss their specific PCB prototyping, manufacturing, and assembly needs.