PCB Artist Revision History

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Version 1.2.4

This release contains many standard minor maintenance fixes.

Version 1.2.3

Projects allows for the creation of true multi-page schematics.
Netlist Import
EDIF formatted netlist files can now be imported to create a PCB.
Free Pad to Via
This option allows vias created as free pads to be converted to true vias. Via pads can use smaller pad sizes than Free Pads and Component Pads.
This release contains many standard minor Maintenance fixes.

Version 1.2.2 

The Online Library
The online library adds the ability to search an online database of over 280,000 parts. The library is accessible from the Library Manager dialogue with the Download Online Library Components button in the upper right.
This release contains many standard minor Maintenance fixes.

Version 1.2.1

This release contains many standard minor Maintenance fixes.

Version 1.2

Library Structure Overhaul
The way in which libraries are stored, organized and managed has been significantly changed. Library items are no longer tied to a specific library and the library mechanism can use multiple lookup paths for locating library items. This means that multiple folders can be used for libraries, including combinations of local and network folders. The Library Manager's Folders tab allows management of this functionality.
Common PCB Pads In Component Pin Mapping
You can now map one Schematic pin to multiple PCB pads, either to simply allow a net on a single pin in a schematic to be applied to multiple pins in a PCB, or to indicate that multiple PCB pads are internally connected together within the component.
Design Technology Dialog
Styles, nets and spacing dialogs on the Settings menu now share one easy to use tabbed Design Technology dialog.
Active Status Bar
In some interactive modes you can now double click on the status bar field to change its value, for example to change the layer of the selected item.
Shape Creation
Some new features to aid the creation of documentation and copper shapes.
Add Copper - There are now separate options for adding copper and documentation shapes.
New Shapes - You can directly add Square, Triangle and Single Line shapes.
Adding and Removing Corners - allows you to add a single corner to a selected segment, or remove all corners between multiple selected segments.
Item Editing and Positioning
Several new options have been added to help with item construction and positioning.
Delta Coordinates - Are shown on the status bar when adding shapes or moving items to show the offset from the previous corner or last position. These can be reset at any time to show an offset from a particular point. The specific commands from the right-click menu are Type Coordinate and Type Offset.
Type Coordinate - When moving or editing design items you can now type in the actual required position, or offset, rather than using the mouse to pick a position. You can also type the name of a component or pad to get its position. This can be used to type in a whole shape, track or netlist.
Arc Size - When editing circles, arcs or mitred corners you can now type the exact radius, diameter or angle required.

Restricted Movement - You can now restrict placing of items to just horizontal or vertical movement.
Save Symbol Settings To Library
Now saves the Grid, Units, Relative and System Origins with each Schematic or PCB symbol in the library.
Symbol Origin Improvements
When editing a symbol you can set the symbol origin to be over the selected item. Also, when editing a PCB or Schematic design, the origin of each symbol can be displayed using the Display dialog.
Rearrange Multiple Items
A new option to allow multiple components, pads or vias in a design to be arranged in rows.
Goto Bar
You can now find pads in PCB and Schematic designs by terminal name.
Opening Multiple Designs
You can now select multiple designs in the file open dialog.
Auto Pan Speed Setting
New user preference control to allow control of the speed of auto pan.
PCB Configuration
Can now specify which sides the autorouter can route on.
This release contains many standard minor Maintenance fixes.

Version 1.1.3

This release contains many standard minor Maintenance fixes.

Version 1.1.2 

DXF Import
New option on File menu for PCB designs. This feature is intended to import DXF from mechanical software for creation of complex board outlines.
DXF Output
New option on Output menu for PCB designs. This feature is intended to export board outlines and holes to mechanical software.
Measure Tool
New option on Tools Menu for PCB and PCB Symbol designs, also on toolbars.
Plated Slots
Changes to support plated slots:
a) Add "Plated Slots" layer if "Plated Slots" checked in the PCB Configuration.
b) Remove the layer if unchecked (if can, if design does not contains symbols that use it)
c) This layer will be automatically available when editing PCB symbols.
d) "Change Pad Type" defaults to the slots layer when used on a pad in a PCB symbol.
Add SMD Pad
New option on add menu for PCB Symbols. Forces initial pad to not be through hole and to not use a style with a drill hole. Add Pad changed for PCB symbol to force through hole pad with a style using a drill hole.
Change Shape Type
Allow text using true type font to be changed into a shape. This would be used if the font was non standard.
Change Shape Type
Allow change track (that is not attached) to a shape.
Pad Style
Change dialog to use label "Hole Size" rather than just "Drill Hole".
PCB Configuration
Layers - Stop user from creating two planes with the same name (same net).
Service - Renamed from service to design requirement.
Change Pad
Changing a pad layer or style will give a warning if the result is a through hole pad with no drill, or a smd pad with a drill hole.
Changing Unit type will now automatically set the correct Precision.
This release contains many standard minor Maintenance fixes.

Version 1.1.1 

Pad Style
Change dialog to use label "Drill Hole" rather than just "Drill".
Warn user if they try to open a security copy of the design. (The security copy is marked with a tilde (~) prefix in front of the filename.) Warn user if they try to open the fabrication copy of the design (.fab).
Change Shape Type
Allow pads to be changed into other shape types. This could be used to create shapes for slots on the documentation layer.
Submit Order
If user is editing the fabrication copy of the design (.fab) warn him, but allow the order.
The Track Width Too Small message now gives the location of the first offending track.
Added "How To Place Your Order" and "Ask A Question" buttons to dialog.
Library Manager
Added "Part Creation Tutorial" and "Ask A Question" buttons to dialogs.
Menu Bar
Added "Order Now" and "Ask A Question" buttons and the support telephone number.
Added the ability to change visibility of the menu bar and status bar using the right click menu on the application frame.
Created Tutorials sub-menu and included the "Part Creation Tutorial" to it.
Help Menu
Added a "Placing Your Order" sub-menu with links to the Standard and Custom order help notes.
Rotating multiple component names now rotates them individually about their origins.
This release contains many standard minor Maintenance fixes.

Version 1.1

Check For Updates
Auto Update & Patch system installed.
Change Shape Type
This allows changing a shape to a board outline or a copper pour area and vice versa.
Changing Library and Technology Directories
User defined Library and Technology file folders.
Line Styles
Dotted and Dashed shape line styles.
Design Rule Checks
New DRC checks for Copper Text Outside Board and Mirrored Text.
Edit Component In Library and Edit Symbol In Library
Select component in PCB or SCM design and use these from shortcut menu.
Fix / Unfix
Previously available only for components. Now available on shortcut menu for pads, tracks and many items.
Schematic Component Bin
Multiple select in schematics component bin and drag all selected items into design.
Board Cutouts
Now board cutouts can be marked "plated" or "Not plated".
Component Reference Names
These can now be centre aligned.
Rotate By
A new option to take user defined value.
Schematic Display
Separate SCM colors for net names and component names.
This release contains many standard minor Maintenance fixes.

List Of Earlier Versions Than 1.1 

Details of these version changes have been removed as they are far removed from the current feature set. Many websites still have these versions available for download.
1.0.14 First General Release August, 2007
Versions earlier than 1.0.14 were available only for Beta testing.

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