Management Team

As Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Jeff Yacoub has brought vision and experience that has helped Advanced Circuits become the third largest PCB manufacturing company in the United States. With its increased focus on assembly in recent years, Jeff’s leadership will help Advanced Circuits continue to be the reliable source of printed circuit boards that over 10,000 customers depend on. 

Jeff Yacoub

Chief Operating Office/COO

Jeff Yacoub is Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Advanced Circuits.  In this role, Advanced Circuits has reported $90 million in revenue for 2014 with a projection to reach $96 million in 2015.  During Mr. Yacoub’s tenure, he has re-structured the company’s accounting department from the ground up and over sees the all accounting functions, financial management and planning, as well as business development.  Under his guidance, Advanced Circuits has carefully and conservatively managed its investments and funds through principled accounting practices and smart strategies that have proven effective to building the company’s solid financial strength.

Mr. Yacoub’s efforts play a key role in achieving the company’s ambitious goals and endless pursuit of growth and success.  His efforts play a large part in helping the company achieve revenue growth of over twenty-five percent year after year, adding approximately two hundred new customers each month, allowing the company to expand. 

His efforts are grounded in exceeding customer expectations and demanding excellence in customer care.  By staying ahead of potential challenges, fixing problems effectively, and encouraging open communication, Mr. Yacoub and his team, have kept Advanced Circuits’ customers happy and coming back.

Mr. Yacoub joined Advanced Circuits in 1997.  Prior to advanced Circuits, he held the position of Accounting Controller at Down Supply for seven years.  He has also held the position of Accounting Manager at the French company, SGE Corporation, and Public Accountant at Price Waterhouse Coopers.  He holds a degree in Accounting and Business Administration from Ain Shams University.