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What Recent Vehicle Recalls Say about Printed Circuit Boards

printed circuit board auto recals

You hear the story every so often on the news that a major automobile manufacturer is recalling vehicles due to an unforeseen malfunction that can make the car unsafe. From faulty accelerators to headlights that short circuit, there are many different parts of our vehicles that rely on high quality electronics and printed circuit boards in order to work properly. When the PCBs are asked to do too much or are not built to excel in the intended application driver safety can become compromised. To keep this from happening engineers continue to develop new materials for PCBs that are designed to meet the rigorous demand of future vehicles, including:

  • High Temperature
  • Compact Space
  • Sophisticated Entertainment and Driving Assistance Modules
  • Safety Systems

As vehicles become more advanced, the materials that run the electrical side of things must be able to withstand any challenges that stand in the way. PCB designers and manufacturers are working together on new materials built for advanced applications, such as aerospace and defense, which may be seen in consumer vehicles in the future.

Being Innovative with Printed Circuit Boards

Altering designs for your printed circuit boards can help you discover new ways to integrate different components and find the most efficient PCBs for your intended application. Advanced Circuits provides engineers with free PCB Artist software and comprehensive submission tools to make the process of ordering and receiving your boards seamless. Our multifaceted quality assurance process checks your PCBs against criteria for over 90 fabrication processes, as well as the unique requirements of your order. Learn more about our design and fabrication systems by contacting an expert today.

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