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What Does Advanced Circuits’ FreeDFM™ Check For?

Learning more about the FreeDFM system will allow you to double check that you have your PCB designs completed before placing your order. The system checks for different aspects of your design to make sure that you will not face any holds due to manufacturability issues. The Advanced Circuits FreeDFM checks for Gerber files for each copper, soldermask and silkscreen layer in addition to your excellon or Gerber drill file. You also want to include information on spacing, trace width and annular rings for your inner signal, inner plane and outer layers. You can see a full list as well as tips and tools online.

Ordering PCBs from Advanced Circuits

If you have any questions about your order, contact a representative at Advanced Circuits. You will be able to get the quick turnaround times, including weekends, that you need in order to get the PCBs you need for your application. Talk with an Advanced Circuits expert if you would like more information on assembly or possiblilities.

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