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Understand Printed Circuit Board Design for Better Creations

A printed circuit board design is one of the most commonly used parts of most types of electronics. Large and small electronics, whether they are simple or extremely complex, make use of quality printed circuit boards to ensure they are working properly and that they are able to perform the function for which they were created.

While many people know what one of these boards is when they see one, they might not know exactly what they do or what types of parts go into creating the board. Below, we will learn more about the boards and how to create them using quality software. You will also learn why Advanced Circuits is the best place to go for help when manufacturing boards.

Printed Circuit Board Design – What’s on a PCB?

To get an understanding of printed circuit board design, it is important to have an understanding of the various parts of the board. The main element of the board is called the foundation. This substrate acts as the framework for the rest of the design. Typically, the substrate will be made from fiberglass, which helps to ensure more strength for the board, so there is less risk of it breaking. Other layers make up the framework of the board.

The boards include pathways made from copper, which is conductive, and which allows the electrical current to flow to certain areas where it is needed to perform tasks. The copper traces are the lines that connect the various components of the circuit board to one another. The benefit of using traces is that they help to keep the printed circuit board design smaller than it had been in the past.

There is a solder mask layer that can provide some additional protection to the PCB, which helps to reduce the risk of short circuits. There is also a silkscreen, which provides information about the circuit board. This might include part numbers, references, and even logos, for example.

Today’s printed circuit board design will also have tiny holes that have been drilled into it at the locations where various components might need to be added. The designs of the boards today have essentially removed the need to have wires soldered to and connected to the board, which is a huge benefit. Not only does this make the board easier to understand, but it helps to reduce the risk of failure in any of those other parts, such as a faulty wire. It also helps to streamline the appearance of the board and makes it smaller. This means that the electronics become smaller, which is something we’ve seen with most types of electronics today.

Creating Printed Circuit Board Designs

Designing a circuit board today is easier than it has ever been thanks to the quality of software that can be used. If you are designing a PCB, you will find that using PCB Artist from Advanced Circuits is one of the best options you will find. The system provides users with a simple tool for designing their PCBs and making sure that they work properly before submitting them to be manufactured.

The software from Advanced Circuits is easy to use, and one of the best features is that it is entirely free. The library features more than half a million parts, and you will be able to create printed circuit board designs that are up to 28 layers deep. Most engineers, whether they have a lot of experience or are just getting started, will find that PCB Artist is simple to use. It is the perfect place to lay down the blueprints of the design that you want and then to see if it will work or not. The software even has the capability to provide users with the fixes they need to ensure the board works properly.

Additionally, the users who are setting up their PCBs with Advanced Circuits can receive a review of their design from engineers to double-check that everything will work properly once they have submitted it. This adds another layer of protection, which can provide you with peace of mind when you are creating your PCB.

Knowing that there are issues with the design as early into the creation as possible helps to streamline the process. You can reassess the problem and make the fix before you place an order. It’s far better to find out about the errors with the printed circuit board design at this stage rather than after you have started manufacturing even some prototypes. It ultimately saves both time and money.

Advanced Circuits Provides Plenty of Help

No matter the size of the project, it is important to only put your trust in the best. From the printed circuit board design to using the software and going through the process of manufacturing the boards, Advanced Circuits strives to make the process as easy as possible. The company has a range of support features that help to provide a smooth path from the concept of the board through to the manufacturing process. You will find some great benefits to choosing Advanced Circuits, including a fast and simple process for getting a quote.

There is no minimum when it comes to ordering your boards. This means that if you only need to have one or two, whether they are prototypes or for a personal project, that is all you need to order. Of course, we also have the capacity to provide our customers with large orders if they need that. You can contact tech support around the clock and connect with people who can help you through each phase of the project.

Those who are going to be creating printed circuit boards with designs for large scale production or a solo project can benefit from the use of Advanced Circuits. Consider what you need, whether you will be using our free, available software or providing your files, and then get in touch to find out how much it will cost. Get started today.


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