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Turnkey Prototype PCB Fabrication & Assembly

Advanced Circuits is the leading PCB manufacturer with in-house prototype assembly services to provide a one-stop solution for your turnkey PCB prototyping needs.  Our quickturn capabilities,  no minimum quantity requirements, and the best on-time shipping record,  makes Advanced Circuits your best choice for turnkey PCB prototyping.  Our PCB assembly customers enjoy:

  • No setup fees
  • No stencil charges
  • Files receive detailed CAM review
  • One seamless process from PCB fabrication to assembly

Prototype PCB Assembly Solutions & Capabilities

Our PCB fabrication and prototype assembly services under one roof eliminates the complications you may encounter when the PCB assembly service is performed by a third party, such as miscommunication and shipping delays.  Knowing that you can rely on a single vendor for quickturn PCB fabrication with advanced capabilities, easy component procurement, and small quantity assembly services in-house can be extremely valuable; especially when facing fast-approaching deadlines.

We source all components from reliable authorized distributors to ensure their authenticity and offer three different ways to process your prototype PCB assembly order.

Three Ways to Order PCB Assembly

  • Turnkey: We source all components required
  • Consigned: You send all components to us
  • Combo: You send some of the components and we source the rest

PCB Assembly capabilities include both surface mount technology (SMT) and thru-hole manual assembly.  We use the latest MYDATA Pick & Place equipment, Glenbrook Technologies precision X- Ray imaging, and YESTech Optical Inspection units.  To view a complete list of our PCB assembly equipment, click here.

Our quickturn prototype assembly service supports fine pitch components as small as 15 mil pitch, passive components as small as 0201 package, and ball grid arrays (BGA) as small as .4mm pitch with X-Ray inspected placements.  Solder types include leaded and lead-free RoHS compliant and we use laser-cut stainless-steel stencils (nano-coating available).

For more information about our full service PCB manufacturing capabilities and our in-house prototype PCB assembly services, please contact your Advanced Circuits Sales Representative or call 1-800-979-4722.


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