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Technical Specs and Printed Circuit Board Details for the New PS4

technical specs for PCBs

The newly released Playstation 4 offers a significant jump for gamers in terms of graphics and the overall playing experience. In order to make the leap into the next generation of video gaming, Sony needed to add more value to its system and give users more power and value than their competitors. In addition to changing the graphical capabilities of the machine, Sony made a huge advancement in terms of integration and functionality. Printed circuit boards help bring together the hard drive, graphics cards and all of the other components necessary to engross the user in the full gaming experience. The CPU architecture is based on Jaguar/Kabini and memory I/O wraps all three sides of the die, according to photos. The die size on the chip is 328 mm sq and the GPU contains 20 compute unites, more than the specified 18. At its basic level, the PS4 has all of the tools to truly call itself a “next generation console.”

How Does Cold Weather Affect Electronics and Printed Circuit Boards?

As the temperature cools down with winter fast approaching, it is important to remember that cold weather can wreak havoc on your electronics. This is especially true with printed circuit boards, as condensation and cold can cause short-circuiting and render them useless. The primary concern is your devices battery,  which could freeze up. The result is a battery that does not hold a charge as long, if at all. In order to properly protect your electronics and keep this from happening, be sure to get cases or other protective items that will keep them dry. Remember to take your phone or GPS unit out of your car at night if you can so they can be inside your home.


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