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Standard vs. Custom Spec Printed Circuit Boards | Advanced Circuits

Advanced Circuits is your one-stop solution for full service PCB fabrication and quickturn PCB Assembly under one roof.  Getting an instant quote for printed circuit boards from Advanced Circuits is easy and knowing which parameters affect your PCB fabrication cost is even easier.  We have just two ways to quote your printed circuit board order:  Standard Spec and Custom Spec.

What is the Difference Between Standard & Custom Spec Printed Circuit Boards?

This partial table highlights some of the main differences between our Standard Spec and Custom Spec ordering options.  Click on the table below to view all board specifications/capabilities available.

Custom PCB | Standard vs. Custom

*Partial table shown above.  Click image to expand PCB capabilities.

Standard Spec Printed Circuit Boards

While both ordering options are made with the same high-quality standards customers have come to expect from Advanced Circuits, the Standard Spec ordering option parameters were set to let customers know how they can lower the cost of their PCB fabrication.  Staying within the parameters of a Standard Spec order can help customers lower their costs, especially when prototyping (small quantities and quick turn around).  The Standard Spec option also includes free tooling to help lower costs further.

  • Free Tooling
  • Same Day – 5 Day Turns
  • Up to 10 Layer PCB Designs
  • Great for Prototyping
  • Great for Quickturn
  • Great for Small Quantity

Custom Spec Printed Circuit Boards

Our Custom Spec ordering option opens up all of our expanded printed circuit board manufacturing capabilities, certification/qualification options, mechanical capabilities, and all Advanced Circuits has to offer.

  • Up to 40 Layer PCB Designs
  • Great for Production Circuits Boards
  • Great for Both Small and High-Volume Orders
  • Same Day – 4 Week Turns Available
  • Longer Lead Times Available to Reduce Costs

For more information, please call your Regional Sales Manager or visit our Standard & Custom Spec PCB page.


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