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Reasons You Need a Quality Prototyping Board

Are you designing a new printed circuit board? Whether you are creating a board for the latest and greatest gadget, a project for the military, or even just a hobbyist project, you don’t want to rush with your design.

You need to take your time to think about just what you need the board to do and the components that will be required. You also need to consider the benefits of having a prototyping board that you can use before you move on to manufacturing on a large scale. Even if you only plan to have a relatively small run of boards, using a prototyping board to ensure that everything is just right is essential.

Let’s look at some of the biggest benefits that a prototyping board can provide.

What Makes Using a Prototyping Board a Good Solution?

No matter how long you might have been designing PCBs, you know that there is always the risk of making a mistake during the design process. This is truer today than it was in the past because the PCBs have become so complex in recent years. Mistakes can do more than just be an embarrassing moment for a designer. They can cost a company a substantial amount of money. They can cause delays in manufacturing, damage to the electronics they are meant for, and more.

Prototyping boards is a way to reduce the risk of making these types of mistakes, whether they are large or small errors. Prototyping the board is made easier when you utilize quality software, such as PCB Artist from Advanced Circuits. This software is free and has a full range of features to make creating the board as simple as possible. There is a large component library, and it allows the designers to tweak the design until it is as perfect as it can be. They can then send it to Advanced Circuits for a free review from the engineers to see if there are any hidden issues.

Once they are satisfied that the board will work properly, they can then move on and order one or more physical boards. There is no minimum order through Advanced Circuits. This means that you can get just one or a handful of boards to test in real-life situations with the electronics. You can see if there might be hidden issues or if there are problems with overheating, speed, etc. After you are sure the board works well, you can move on from the prototyping board and order as many as you need.

While this might seem like it adds some steps to the process, consider the alternative. If you believe that you have a good board and order 4,000 PCBs for the electronic devices you plan to ship, what happens when they don’t work? What if they cause overheating issues? Your customers would be irate, naturally. Prototyping and testing help to reduce these types of expensive problems.

When you order through Advanced Circuits, you will also find that we have a very fast turnaround time. Whether you are placing a large order, or you just need one board, they can be delivered to you quickly. It’s the best solution. You will reduce issues and you could even reduce the manufacturing costs.

Why Choose Advanced Circuits?

We understand that you want to make sure that your boards are working properly and that you receive them quickly. Advanced Circuits is one of the top manufacturers in the country and we have a very fast turnaround time, regardless of how many boards you might be ordering. If you only want to order a couple of your initial boards as prototypes, so you can see how they work in practice, you can. You could even order just a single board if you would like, as there is no minimum.

Additionally, we utilize high-quality materials. You can rest easy knowing that only the best quality components will be going into the boards you design.

We Make It Easier with Great Software

Most circuit board designers today know that it is best to use software that can help to design the printed circuit board rather than trying to use a breadboard. However, that software can be hit or miss. Sometimes, it can be extremely expensive.

Fortunately, we have a solution that’s available for you, as mentioned. Best of all, you won’t have to pay anything for the fully-featured software. Our software, PCB Artist, has features that you won’t find even with some of the expensive options.

We have a large library that you can use for designing the prototype. It features more than half a million parts. With the software, you can create up to 28 layers, which should be more than enough for most designs. It utilizes Gerber format files, and it is easy for you to check your work to make sure the board is working properly.

It is an easy-to-use piece of software that can change the way you work, and it can even speed up the process. If you don’t have a powerful computer, you don’t have to worry. Even a relatively modest computer should not have any trouble running the software, and you only need half a gig of RAM. Most people who have even a passing familiarity with this type of software will be up and running in no time.

Prototyping Boards Make Your Life Easier

Ultimately, you want to prototype your boards to make the process as simple as possible. Advanced Circuits can help you with each step along the way. You have the idea, and then you can design it with our software. Our engineers can check the design and you can move forward with the manufacturing once you are certain the board is what you need. Whether you need to order a large number of the boards, or you only need a few for a special project you are doing, we make it nice and easy. Get in touch with us today to see what we can do for you.


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