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Printed Circuit Board Update: Engineering Employment to Grow in U.S.

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According to the latest Engineering Employment Outlook published by Kelly Services, the United States will require the services of nearly a quarter of a million new engineers over the next 10 years. Electrical engineers, including printed circuit board designers, are part of the “big four” fields of engineering that make up over half of the approximately two million engineers in the United States. The report predicts that industries such as aerospace, renewable energy and oil and gas will all need an increase of engineers, leading to nearly 250,000 new jobs by 2023. This would represent an 11 percent expansion rate. Students in these engineering fields will be able to put their skills to use with helping the country grow mechanically and technologically by fully tapping into the potential of the resources available.

Engineering Growth and Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing

In addition to affecting those getting into the engineering field and building their careers, the increased rate in engineering job growth affects those companies involved in the printed circuit board manufacturing and assembly processes. As PCB manufacturers have seen over the past few years alone, the ability to develop smaller, faster and more reliable circuit boards will drastically play a role in how the United States progresses as a country. The ideas of the future are already here, with more and more prototypes and designs being introduced each day. The next step for engineers is to retool their PCB designs to make use of the latest components and materials on the market. To learn more, contact a representative at Advanced Circuits today.

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