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PCB Tolerances at Advanced Circuits

Knowing the requirements of your printed circuit board manufacturer is a crucial step in the design process because it could potentially limit your ability to get the PCBs you need for your exact application. At Advanced Circuits, a minimum of a 0.010” inner layer clearance is required. Also, a minimum of 0.010” for outer layers and 0.015” for inner layers are needed between the copper plating and the edge of your printed circuit board. By using the free PCB layout software available from Advanced Circuits and uploading your files to the free DFM file check system, you can get any issues with your design ironed out before production.

Advanced Circuits Keeps You Updated on PCB News

In addition to being a top manufacturer of PCBs in the industry, the team at Advanced Circuits helps customers stay current on the latest news and products. With “Tech Talk for Techies,” Advanced Circuits takes an in-depth look at PCBs, innovation in design and production and also explains the finer points of circuit boards for all customers on a monthly basis. To learn more, contact a representative today.

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