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PCB Design Software: Why Choose PCB Artist?

Advanced Circuits’ PCB Artist software takes the annoying limitations that come with other free PCB design software and eliminates them to make it easier to design your PCB, quote, and send your part to production – all within the software.  While many PCB layout software packages are highly capable, they sometimes limit their functionality with paywalls or require subscriptions to enable them.  These limitations include the number of signal layers, the size of your circuit board design, and the number of schematic sheets you can use.

Below, we list the many reasons why our customers choose PCB Artist for their PCB design projects and why it has become the best 100% free and unrestricted PCB design software available.


PCB Design With PCB Artist Software

PCB Design With In-App Quote & Ordering – When you use PCB Artist to create your circuit board design, you are able to get a quote for the cost of the board with your design requirements.  Once your PCB design is ready for fabrication, PCB Artist makes it easy to send your design to Advanced Circuits and process the order within the software.

Free Live Tech Support – It is not often that a PCB layout software comes with tech support, much less Live Tech Support from the industry leading PCB manufacturer in North America.  At Advanced Circuits, we pride ourselves in providing outstanding customer service, when you order your printed circuit boards from us, you get hands-on support from the industry’s largest support team.

Huge Component Library – Designing your printed circuit boards with PCB Artist enables you to used its free components library of over 500,000 parts.  While PCB Artist software also includes an easy to use Parts Creation Wizard, the Component Library lets you find the parts you need with corresponding symbols, footprint, and manufacturer data.

Powerful PCB Design Features – With our PCB design software you have the ability to create advanced layouts using multipage schematics, up to 28 layers, controlled autorouter, and many more features. PCB Artist has evolved and has been improved upon over the years to offer more complex features for advanced layouts with comprehensive tools while maintaining a user-friendly interface.  Features include:


  • Integrated Schematics/PCB
  • Native Eagle File Import
  • Symbol/Footprint/Part Creation wizard
  • Components/BOM/Positions CSV Export
  • Design Rule Check & Report
  • Component Autoplace
  • Individual Colored Nets Options
  • Ratsnest Connections Optimization
  • Design Status Reports
  • Moved Component Tracks Stay Connected
  • Integrity Check & Cross Probe
  • Adjustable Design Rule Check/Navigation
  • Library Manager

To download the full software package for PCB Artist, click here.



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