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Ordering Printed Circuit Board Arrays and Pallets

When you are ordering a large amount of printed circuit boards or are dealing with very small PCBs, you should consider having your boards supplied in pallet or array form. This is especially true if your product assembly house requires that your PCBs be built on panels with a border in order to streamline their process. While it can be difficult to decide just how many boards to place on a single panel, your assembler may be able to provide some direction that allows you to be efficient while reducing your overall expenses. You have two options when it comes to separating your boards from the array after production. First, the boards can be scored on the top and bottom surfaces so that they can be fractured apart by applying stress to the score lines. Otherwise you can tab-rout the PCBs, meaning that a tab of material will be left between adjacent boards and between the boards and the frame so that you can break away or cut the tabs to remove your PCBs. Be sure to discuss your options with your assembly team and the PCB experts at Advanced Circuits to find a solution that works best for your project.

Rigorous Printed Circuit Board Testing Ensures Quality

After you place your printed circuit board order you can be sure that your PCBs will undergo rigorous testing in the manufacturing process. This is done to make sure that each one of your PCBs meets your requirements and will work flawlessly in its designed application when it is shipped to you. To learn more about the manufacturing and assembly process, contact an expert at Advanced Circuits. As one of the top PCB manufacturers in North America, Advanced Circuits will be able to help you get the quality circuit boards you need on your schedule.

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