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Is Robotics Replacing the “Human Element” for Printed Circuit Boards?


Although robotics is undoubtedly helping advance society and unlock new possibilities with technology, there is a debate taking place about whether or not this is a good thing. The question arises when manufacturing printed circuit boards, as more and more companies replace human operators with robots and machines. This is due to increases in the cost of operators for manufacturing test, according to an article for EE Times. This increase is forcing PCB assembly line managers to look for ways to reduce expenses in order to stay competitive. While a solution for many has been to replace manual operators with automated systems, the machines at times need the human element in order to maintain quality. As scientists and engineers work to find a perfect system for PCB manufacturing and assembly, expect a balance to be found between machine precision and human design and functionality in the future.

Simplifying the Structure of Printed Circuit Boards

When you are designing your printed circuit boards a main goal is to maximize the quality and output of your PCB while expending resources such as money and product space efficiently. For example, size or packaging restrictions may force you to get more creative with your PCBs in order to ensure desired functionality. Refining your PCB designs to ensure that you have a simple and effective structure will allow you to get the circuit boards you need that will work in the intended application. During the design stage, consider operating temperature, material and laminate requirements and necessary components so you can seamlessly create and order your PCBs. Get started by contacting an expert at Advanced Circuits today.

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