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Getting Your Military Grade Circuit Boards

The military is often considered to be at the forefront in the development of many types of electronic technology, and many of the military’s innovations have made their way into the commercial sector. Circuit boards are commonly used in the military for a host of different applications, such as missile targeting systems, drones, navigation, surveillance, and more. The military has been responsible for many products that are now in the hands of average consumers. For example, digital photography, modern navigation systems using GPS, and portable two-way walkie talkies were created by the military.

Military grade circuit boards are the best possible options available for many different types of equipment, including those that aren’t a part of the military. This is because the specifications for these boards are so demanding.

In the military, it is expected that the applications that are created are highly durable and able to stand up to many different types of harsh conditions. In addition, they have a longer estimated lifetime than commercial products, in most cases. For many commercial products, the expected lifetime is about five years. For military applications, the lifetime will typically be up to 15 years.

High Expectations Require High Standards

It is no accident that military grade circuit boards are as good as they are. They are required to meet a certain set of standards and specifications in order to be considered military grade. These standards require that the products are able to perform at a high level and that they will not fail. Consider how and where military equipment is used. It’s often used in harsh and dangerous environments. It may also be used in extreme temperatures. Regardless, it must be able to function properly.

Before they go into production, military grade circuit boards need to undergo proper testing if they are going to be used in military equipment. Proper testing finds any areas that could be problematic in the design, so they can be worked out before they are produced and used. High-quality materials are always used in military-grade circuit boards. There are even tighter tolerances in regard to the components that are being used when compared with commercial products.

What is Required for a Military Grade Circuit Board?

The circuit boards have far more specifications that must be met when compared with commercial products. The board needs to be capable of handling a maximum current load easily, and it needs to be able to keep working even in bad conditions. These military-grade PCBs might be exposed to a range of different types of stresses and pressures when used in the field. The only way you can make sure that your PCB will be able to hold up is to learn more about the specifications required.

When creating these types of military grade circuit boards, it is important to understand the overall function and the design that you want, as you would with other boards. However, you have to take the specifications into account during each stage of the design. This includes the concept stage all the way through the testing stage.

When you are ready for a prototype, or you are ready to go into production, you will want to make sure that you are using the right PCB manufacturer.

Why is the Manufacturer so Important?

Even if you have what is a flawless design, things can still go wrong if you don’t have the right company to manufacture your PCBs. There are many companies out there today that can create your PCBs, but this does not mean that you can choose just any manufacturer. You have to make sure that you are choosing a company that knows and understands what you are trying to do with your boards. The company that you choose as a manufacturer needs to be able to produce printed circuit boards for Department of Defense (DOD) contracts. This means that they have the expertise to ensure that the boards are created properly.

This will also typically mean that the manufacturer is using the best quality materials that will match with the latest specifications. Keep in mind that the specs for military grade circuit boards can change over time. You need to make sure that not only are you keeping up with these changes for your designs but that your manufacturer intimately knows these changes.

In addition to the capabilities of the manufacturer to produce military grade circuit boards, make sure that they have other benefits that make them the right choice.

What to Look for in a PCB Manufacturing Company

Advanced Circuits is the third largest PCB company in the United States and offers a variety of services. We have a very fast turnaround time and are able to produce printed circuit boards for DOD contracts.

In addition, we have many high-quality materials for PCBs. These include halogen-free UL certified materials, Rogers 2929 Bondply, 3M ECM, and ROHACELL. We are also one of the only fabricators in the United States that is certified to offer Zeta Lam SE.

You will find a range of other reasons to make Advanced Circuits your choice when it comes to your PCBs. We are a reliable manufacturing company and not a broker. We keep work in-house at our manufacturing facility, and you will find that all of the orders will receive a free engineering file review. This will help to make sure that you get exactly what you need.

We offer round-the-clock tech support, and you will be able to receive instant quotes online 24/7. Customer service and keeping our clients happy are very important to us. Another benefit is that there are no minimum requirements when you use our service. If you need one, a few, or thousands of PCBs, we can help you.

If you have the need to create military grade circuit boards, we have the materials, experience, and knowledge to help you get exactly what you need.


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