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Fitness Tracking for Athletes with Printed Circuit Boards

 printed circuit board for athletics

In addition to consumer electronics and industrial applications that support growth in our economy, printed circuit boards help scientists and doctors understand more about our health and how we live as human beings. A rising trend for using technology to learn more about activity is taking place in collegiate athletics, most notably in outdoor sports like track and soccer. PCBs are being used in fitness trackers to measure steps taken, calories burned, distance covered and heart rate. For soccer, this data allows coaches to understand the fitness level of the team and see areas where further conditioning or game plan changes need to be made. Rather than relying on game film and instinct, technology is allowing coaches and training staff members to analyze each player and find ways to improve health and fitness.

Advanced Applications for Printed Circuit Boards

Printed circuit boards are necessary for any electronic product or application to be successful. When most people think of PCBs, however, they first picture computer motherboards or old-fashioned radios. However, PCBs have swiftly changed the way that products and machines in nearly every industry operate and have improved efficiency and productivity along the way. Outside of consumer electronics, PCBs can be found in the following areas:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Telecommunications
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture

While this list is not exhaustive, it does show that businesses around the world are incorporating advanced technology to support innovation moving forward. You can learn more about the future of PCBs and how new features and capabilities will play a role in the next generation of society by working with an expert at Advanced Circuits.

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