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Circuit Board Discounts & Sponsorship Program For Students

Advanced Circuits’ Student Program was created to support engineering students with discounted and free printed circuit boards for qualifying class projects and school competitions.  We have been committed to supporting student-led engineering projects and competitions across all major U.S. colleges and universities by providing technical support, free tools, and advanced PCB manufacturing capabilities.

If your school project requires custom circuits boards, choosing the right vendor with the necessary support is key.  Advanced Circuits leads the industry in quality and innovation and has the largest support team to guide you through every step of the ordering process.  Below are some of the ways Advanced Circuits can help you or your team succeed in your next school project or competition.

Circuit Board Discounts & Project Sponsorships

Students can take advantage of our 2 and 4 layer PCB Prototyping Specials with no minimum quantity requirements by typing in the code “STUDENT” in the Comments box when processing the order online.  That means you can order a 2 layer circuit board as large as 60 square inches for only $33 or a 4 layer circuit board as large as 30 square inches for only $66.  Design specification restrictions apply for our $33 Each and $66 Each Prototyping Specials.  To learn more about our $33 Each or $66 Each special pricing offer for students, click here or contact your Advanced Circuits representative.

Benefits of 2 & 4 Layer Prototyping Special:

  • No minimum order quantity for students
  • Ships in just 5 days
  • Same high-quality craftsmanship as our Full Service manufacturing
  • Custom shapes allowed with provided outline

Students can also take advantage of our full service circuit board manufacturing capabilities for qualifying school competitions by requesting a Project Sponsorship to receive up to $500 in free circuits board fabrication.  For more information about our guidelines and qualification process to receive free circuit board sponsorships from Advanced Circuits, contact your Advanced Circuits representative.

Circuit Board Design Tools

Advanced Circuits also offers free circuit board design tools to help make the fabrication process smoother.  Our free circuit board design software, PCB Artist, is a professional-grade EDA software that comes with a built-in library of up to 500,000 components and an integrated ordering interface that ensures accuracy when transfering your design files for manufacturing.  PCB Artist is the most popular free circuit board design software on CNET’s with capabilities for up to 28 laye boards, multi-page schematic, Controlled Autorouter, native Eagle import, and much more.  Click here for a complete software download.

Another free tool that helps you save time is our FreeDFM Gerber file check.  FreeDFM is Advanced Circuits’ free online tool that allows you to upload your Gerber files to check for possible manufacturability issues before you place your order.  FreeDFM lets you know if any files are missing and if all requirements are met for production by sending you a detailed report directly to your inbox within minutes.  The detailed report identifies the location on the board where the issues are found and lets you know how to fix them to meet our minimum requirements.

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