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Advantages of Gerber X2

The Gerber X2 format has become popular due to its ability to improve information flow by attaching attributes to Gerber files. This added information provides designers with greater insight when it comes to creating custom circuitry for a variety of different purposes.

The Complexities of Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing

There are a number of unique parts and components in any quality circuit board. Each aspect of the board plays a unique role in its functionality, and those who create custom designs for clients need to have a firm grasp on how to build a model to unique specifications. While 3D imaging and mapping have proved to very valuable in helping designers create the desired vision that clients have for their products, Gerber X2 provides a much more valuable level of insight into any given image. The added data, which could be viewed as “meta-data” allows designers to have a more accurate guide when it comes to create custom circuit boards.

A More Intelligent Image

When creating the image for a custom circuit board, designers need to know exactly how certain changes and modifications will affect the project as a whole. Whether its finding which pads are via pads or whether a file represents a single board or an array, this type of added information can help make the design process a much more successful one. In addition to providing quality assurance and making it much easier to create complex designs, this advanced knowledge can minimize the possibility of oversights and misinterpretations.

Reducing Time-Consuming Errors

A small error in the creation process of a printed circuit board can have major ramifications in terms of pricing and completion times. The most successful PCB companies in the industry look to minimize their losses and ensure that they get every customer’s order correct. A small error can lead to delays and significant expenses, which is why Gerber X2 has proven to be a very appealing feature in the PCB industry. Standard software used in the design of circuit boards can automatically read and interpret the information and reduce engineering time.

Greater Options for Automation

While some companies focus on producing small orders of circuit boards, others provide large quantities for major companies and organizations. The ability to streamline and speed up the design process helps to make larger orders easier to complete. Minimizing the risk of mistakes and creating a more thorough image of the goal for the end-product will prove very valuable for companies that focus on producing a good combination of speed, efficiency, and affordability. Fewer mistakes means fewer costs, and quicker completion times mean that clients are more likely to be satisfied and return for future needs.

Putting Files in the Appropriate Order

Gerber X2 makes the layering process much easier, as important files can be put in the appropriate order so every design process is handled according to best practices. From information concerning drilling points to routing for specific circuits, files can be ordered automatically. By removing the need to view drawings and models to order these files manually, designers save a substantial amount of time during the set up process. The DFM (designed for manufacturability) check enables even the most complex boards to be put into motion for creation in a much more efficient manner.

Seamless Compatibility with Other Software and Previous Versions

Gerber X2 is designed to work with its predecessor, meaning those who have previously used the method can adapt easily to the newer version. In addition, it can be used in conjunction with numerous types of industry-standard software. Geber X2 boasts numerous advantages in PCB manufacturing. By helping to reduce the possibility of human error and eliminate much of the need for preliminary preparations during the design process, this option will likely prove to be a game-changer for circuit board manufacturing companies worldwide.

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