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Advanced Circuits Warns Against Common Mistakes Made with Flex Circuits

Advanced Circuits Warns Against Common Mistakes Made with Flex Circuits

When making your printed circuit boards you want to be able to get the functionality you need to keep your system running and you also want everything to be easy to assemble. There are some common mistakes made with flex circuits, however, that can inhibit your progress. Advanced Circuits can help avoid such issues as placing vias outside the stiffener area, which can cause via cracking. Not providing the proper stiffener information can also lead you to getting the wrong product. You also run into problems with flex circuits when placing the edge of the feature closer than .010” to the edge of the board.

Help with Flex Circuits from Advanced Circuits

You can contact the flex experts at Advanced Circuits for help with choosing the right material for your flex circuits. You can also get assistance with reviewing your design for reliability and manufacturability, as well as tips for how to reduce your costs. Contact a representative today for more information

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