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Advanced Circuits Offers Tips for Easy PCB Assembly

When you are in the process of designing your printed circuit boards for fabrication, we know that it is important to maximize the efficiency of your PCB in order to reduce your overall cost. In order to do this, the team at Advanced Circuits has put together tips to help you along the way. Be sure to start by placing the components that require a specific location on your PCB first. Also, do your best to minimize trace lengths during the design process so you can maximize functionality. You can use the free PCB design software from Advanced Circuits, PCB Artist®,  to help achieve the optimal layout.

Submit Gerber Files to Advanced Circuits to Help Expedite Your Order

See what Free DRM checks for and read free tips you can use with our free design for manufacturability tool. Check out the PDF!

When you submit your files to Advanced Circuits using the FreeDFM™ File Check system you will be able to have your designs reviewed for potential manufacturability issues before placing your order. Once these issues are resolved, you can place your order for PCBs that will be made on site and tested by expert engineers for quality assurance before shipping. To learn more about the design and fabrication process, contact a representative at Advanced Circuits today.

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