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Advanced Circuits Invests in Job Creation with Aurora Expansion

Advanced Circuits Invests in Job Creation with Aurora Expansion

In an effort to expand our administrative and manufacturing operations, Advanced Circuits has invested in growing our Aurora headquarters. By adding approximately 52,000 square feet to our existing facility, we are able to potentially add 50 new jobs. This expands our manufacturing capabilities and also helps you, the consumer, get the printed circuit boards you need when you need them most. Rather than outsourcing jobs, like other companies, we take pride in investing in our company and growing roots in the United States.

Options for Purchasing PCBs from Advanced Circuits

You have a lot of options when it comes to purchasing your PCBs from Advanced Circuits. To get help with your order, you can used Advanced Circuits’ free PCB layout software and DFM file check to ensure manufacturability and functionality before placing your order. We know that you need your PCBs fast to meet your deadlines and we offer weekend turns on your order. Contact an expert at Advanced Circuits today for more information.

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