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Advanced Circuits Discusses Effects of Smaller is Better Mentality

Around the turn of the century, the first fine-pitch ball grid array devices became popular. This was due to the fact that designers wanted to pack as much power and efficiency into as small a space as possible. As such, the mechanical drilling world was revolutionized in that it was impacted by available drill bit sizes, aspect ratios and plating methodologies. This “smaller is better” mentality as truly let to new innovations in engineering and the development of scores of consumer products that were not possible with the technology of a few years before. Advanced Circuits understands this and continues to expand its capabilities to meet the needs of the increasingly complex industry. In order to get the printed circuit boards you need for your applications, you will have to make decisions on details such as the fill choice for via-in-pad structures in order to get the efficiency you are after.

Quick Turnaround When You Need It Most from Advanced Circuits

Advanced Circuits knows that you depend on high quality PCBs in order to make your projects run correctly. As such, getting the finalized boards into your hands will help you get from the concept stage to production that much faster. Contact a representative at Advanced Circuits in order to learn more about quick production turnarounds, as well as weekend quickturns, so that you do not have to wait around for your printed circuit boards to arrive. By working with one of the top manufacturers in the United States, you will be able to get the quality you need on your timetable.

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