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Advanced Circuits Breaks Down Difference Between Standard and Custom Spec PCBs

Advanced Circuits Breaks Down Difference Between Standard and Custom Spec PCBs

When you are in the process of designing your PCBs you will likely come upon the option of purchasing a standard or custom spec PCB to suit your needs. The difference depends on looking at the exact specs of each option to determine which will work better for your system. At Advanced Circuits, you can order any quantity of standard or custom spec PCBs and both options undergo the same rigorous fabrication and quality-check processes. Turnaround time is the same, so it really is a matter of knowing the specs you need. For help in making a choice, you can work with an expert at Advanced Circuits.

Advanced Circuits offers exceptional customer service representatives and engineers you can contact for more information, to place your order and discuss your requirements. Our free industry-leading PCB Artist Software provides you with the very best layout and design tools to create your PCB files. Then you can use our Free DFM tool to check for design for manufacturability errors. These tools combined with our experts who are here to help you, offer you the best opportunity to receive quality printed circuit boards.

Tell us about your needs and we can discuss our range of capabilities that include manufacturing for military, medical, commercial aerospace and more verticals.

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Advanced Circuits Helps Make Your Choice Easier

If you are debating whether to get a standard or custom spec PCB it is important to remember what you ultimately need your PCB to do. When you design your PCBs you can use the free DFM file check system by Advanced Circuits to avoid CAM holds. You can also find a full list of capabilities online to get more information before making your decision. For additional help with your order, contact the team at Advanced Circuits today.

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