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Achieve Optimum PC Board Quality with Advanced Circuits

Advanced Circuits’ commitment to quality and reliability along with its industry-leading PC board manufacturing capabilities make us the right partner to ensure the quality of all your printed circuit board fabrication and assembly projects.

Due to the fast-paced technological advancements of today’s world, many PC boards are designed with a very compact layout and require higher functionality and performance standards.  In order to achieve optimum PC broad performance and quality, a careful review of the circuit board design must be done to ensure it meets the minimum manufacturing requirements as well as verifying that the manufacturer has the precision capabilities, industry certifications, and qualifications required.

PC Board Quality Starts with its Design

Our PC board Tolerance Guidelines are accessible online and make it easy for design engineers to adhere to the required tolerances and specifications for a smooth PCB ordering and fabrication process.  Every PC board design submitted to Advanced Circuits receives a detailed review by our CAM engineers prior to production to ensure all minimum design requirements are met.

We also provide free tools to ensure your PC board design is ready for manufacturing and meets the requirements to produce quality boards.  Simply upload your circuit board design’s Gerber files to our FreeDFM online tool to perform an automated review prior to placing your order.  Within minutes, you will receive a graphical report that includes any possible manufacturability issues found in your PC board design that will cause a production hold.  The FreeDFM report will also highlight any design elements that do not meet our manufacturing and tolerance requirements but will be Automatically Fixed by our CAM engineers before production.

PC Board Fabrication Capabilities

Advanced Circuits offers expanded capabilities and certifications to meet rigorous design requirements.  Our PC board fabrication capabilities include:

  • Stacked Microvias
  • Blind & Buried Vias
  • Laser Drilled Microvias
  • Up to 40 layers
  • Laser Direct Imaging (LDI)
  • .00275″ Trace/Space
  • Down to .3mm Pitch
  • Air Pockets Between Layers
  • Heavy Copper (up to 20 oz.)
  • Via-in-Pad
  • Multilayer RF Designs (up to 8 layers)
  • Cavity Boards
  • Oversized Boards (up to 37″ x 120″)

Click here to download our full list of PC board fabrication capabilities [PDF].

For more information about our printed circuit board manufacturing capabilities, ordering process and services, please contact your Sales Representative or call us at 1-800-979-4722.


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