Advanced Circuits, Inc. (ACI)

Advanced PCBs for Medical / Instrumentation

Medical device printed circuit boards | Advanced Circuits

Advanced Printed Circuit Board Technology for Critical Medical Applications & Demanding Requirements

Advanced Circuits' focus on reliability, performance, and highest quality standards make us a premier manufacturer of printed circuit boards to the medical and commercial instrumentation industries, manufactured 100% in the USA.  With some of the highest quality standards and advanced circuit board technology, Advanced Circuits can deliver highly specialized PCBs to meet demanding requirements for optimum precision and dependability.




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  • Expanded Capabilities for highly specialized PCBs.  
    Our Advanced Capabilities include: heavy copper up to 20 oz., up to 40 layer boards, via-in-pad, sequential lamination, laser drilled microvias, oversized boards, cavity boards, laser direct imaging, advanced materials, and more.
  • Smooth transition  from concept to market.  
    ​We make it easy to transition from our quick turn, small quantity PCB services to our large scale production capabilities (no order is too small or too large).
  • Seamless continuity from PCB fabrication to assembly.  
    Specializing in quick turn, small quantity assembly all under one roof and as quick as one day. Learn more »
  • RoHS - Lead free & UL approved.  
    We can provide UL approved circuit boards with a variety of final finishes that meet the requirements of RoHS, REACH and Conflict Metals regulations. Learn more »
  • Quality systems & certifications
    Medical electronics design engineers rely on Advanced Circuits for optimum PCB reliability and performance.  Some of our quality systems and certifications include: ISO 9001:2008; AS9100; IPC 6012 CLASS 3/3A.