PCB Specials

Check this page often for Advanced Circuits’ latest printed circuit board manufacturing and assembly discounts and offers.

This page provides a full list of PCB special offers from Advanced Circuits. You can get discounts and reduced pricing on HDI PCBs, Microvia HDI PCBs, and many more. This is a good page to keep bookmarked so you can easily come back each month to check on our latest printed circuit board special offers.​ Need help with your PCB order? Talk to our customer service representatives who can guide you to a successful printed circuit board order. See our How To Order page for more information.


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*Note:  Discount up to $2000 OFF per order, and not to be combined with any other promotions.

FreeDFM Discounts

      $50 OFF: 2-Layer Standard and Custom Spec Orders
      $100 OFF: Multilayer Standard and Custom Spec Orders
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Standard Spec PCB Specials

        $100 OFF: 3 - 4 Layer Standard Spec Boards (Use Promo Code: 100OFF)
        $200 OFF: 5 - 6 Layer Standard Spec Boards (Use Promo Code: 200OFF)
        $300 OFF: 7 - 8 Layer Standard Spec Boards (Use Promo Code: 300OFF)

Note: If ordering thru PCB Artist™, the Standard Spec Promo Codes listed above may be used only when ordering thru PCB Artist "Expanded Service."