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Ordering Specifications for PCB Artist Layout Software

All Basic and Expanded Requirement files processed receive a full CAM review and inspection to IPC-A-600G, Class 2 Standards.

Basic Requirement:

  • All holes plated through (non-plated holes available in custom service)
  • Non-plated slots and cutouts (plated slots and cutouts are available in custom service)
  • Green soldermask
  • FR4 material
  • White legend (silkscreen)
  • 1 oz. Copper Inner layers. Up to 2 oz. Copper on outer layers
  • Trace Width and Spacing as small as 7/7 mils
  • Lead-Free HAL Solder finish
  • Hole Size Tolerance +/- 0.005
  • Overall thickness 0.062, 0.031 available on 2 layer
  • Quantities limited
  • Does not include UL markings, 94V-O and date codes

Expanded Requirement:

Expanded requirement includes the full range of specifications and capabilities provided by Advanced Circuits. Click Here to view a complete capabilities listing. Expanded requirement orders may be ordered either as standard or custom expanded requirement.

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