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More than a PCB Board Design Rules Check, checks Printed Circuit Board design files for issues that affect manufacturability and sends you a detailed FREE graphical PCB Board file check report within minutes. We’ll even send you a Free PCB quote!

We will pay you to use it!
Get $50 Discount for 0-2 Layer Designs
Get $100 Discount for 3-10 Layer Designs
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Benefits of FreeDFM™:

  • The first and only web-based Design for Manufacturability (DFM) check in the PCB Industry…an Advanced Circuits exclusive.
  • Easy to read report identifies “Show Stoppers” as well as other errors BEFORE you place your PCB board  order.  We’ll not only tell you what you need to change but what we will correct for you as well.
  • Ensures you have the files and data necessary to build your job.
  • Helps avoid CAM holds and delays after you place your order.
  • Report also includes a PCB board price quote with your choice of turn-times.
  • FreeDFM also sends you Check Plots, a PDF file of your final design.

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