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World Printed Circuit Board Market Up 1.7 Percent

According to IPC’s World PCB Production Report for the Year 2012, the world market for printed circuit boards reached nearly $60 billion in 2012. This figure represents a 1.7 percent real growth over the previous year. The report contains estimates of production value by product category and country while also giving opinion on trends in the PCB industry from a regional and global perspective. The report found that Asia accounts for 90 percent of the world’s production of printed circuit boards. China leads the way at 42.8 percent while Japan ranks a distant second at 16 percent. The United States stayed even at fifth in the rankings by accounting for just under five percent of the world’s production. Also noted in the report is a detailed looked at PCB production in each country. Rigid flex PCBs saw the highest growth across all categories last year

New Printed Circuit Board Capabilities on the Horizon

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