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Offshore PCB sourcing expert, Greg Papandrew, has been tapped as the Offshore Sales Director for Advanced Circuits’™ newly created offshore division. Papandrew is responsible for creating a seamless process and providing the most cost-effective offshore manufacturing solution for high-volume PCB production to customers in the North American market.  Papandrew, also known as The PCB Sales Guy, has been in the offshore printed circuit board business for over 25 years and is the author of the popular book “Printed Circuit Board Basics for Dummies®”.

“Greg has extensive experience in the PCB supply chain management for both domestic and offshore manufacturing. His unique experience in our industry will give Advanced Circuits’™ customers a clear advantage that will result in cost savings and enhanced customer service for their offshore PCB production needs,” said John Yacoub, President and CEO of Advanced Circuits™.

Papandrew will be based out of the Colorado facility and can be reached at or by phone 303-910-7601.


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