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There are many reasons to order BareBones printed circuit boards from Advanced Circuits. Our BareBones PCBs allow you to receive a quick, small quantity boards that you can use to test your design.  From there, you can order your full spec PCBs and custom boards.  

Once your design is perfected, place a Full Spec order with us and we'll credit the cost of your BareBones purchase against the new order (less S&H).

(Simply enter the web confirmation number in the "Promo Code" field of the order form to receive the discount).

BareBones printed circuit boards are our least expensive option.  If you are looking for a Cheap and Quick PCB solution, Click Here to Get BareBones Circuit Board Pricing and Place an Order!

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BareBones Specs:

  • 2-layer, FR-4, 0.062" thick
  • Plated or Non-plated holes (if no specifications provided, holes will be plated)
  • 6 Mil line/gap minimum
  • Tin finish over 1 oz. Cu.
  • No internal routing (cutouts)
  • No scoring, tab rout, or drilled hole board separations
  • Cut to rectangle shape only
  • No Mask
  • No Legend
  • Min. Size 1" x 1"
  • Max. Size 12" x 16"
  • Gerber 274X preferred (274D ok)
  • Excellon drill (English Units)
  • Minimum Hole Size 0.015"
  • Maximum 35 drilled holes per sq. inch

Be sure to include board outline in your Gerber Files

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Credit Card orders only please.