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4-Layer PCBs

Full Spec 4-Layer PCBs

Only $66 Each!

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$66 Each Specifications

  • Min. Qty 4 Boards
  • Lead Time 5 Days
  • 4-Layers, FR-4, 0.062" 1 oz. cu plate
  • Lead FREE Solder Finish
  • Min. 0.006" line/space
  • Min. 0.015" hole size
  • All Holes Plated
  • Maximum 35 drilled holes per sq. inch
  • White Legend (1 or 2 sides)
  • 1 Part Number per Order (extra $50 charge for multiple parts or step & repeat)
  • Max. Size 30 sq. inches
  • No Slots (or overlapping drill hits)
  • No Internal Routing (cutouts)
  • No Scoring, tab rout, or drilled hole board separations
  • Routed to overall dimensions
  • Green LPI Mask

Credit Card orders only please.

Does Not Include Blind/Buried Vias.

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