PCB Monthly Specials

This page provides a full list of PCB special offers from Advanced Circuits. Get discounts and reduced pricing on HDI PCBs, Microvia HDI PCBs, and many more. This is a good page to keep bookmarked so you can easily come back each month to check on our latest printed circuit board special offers.​  Need help with your printed circuit board order? Talk to our customer service representatives who can guide you to a successful printed circuit board order.  See our How To Order page for more information.

Multilayer PCB Special

Limited-time offer: Save on every new multilayer PCB design you order with us.


Get 25% OFF 3-12 Layer PCB

Plus FREE Tooling.  GET QUOTE 

Offer specifications:

  • FR-4 / 370-HR / 185-HR materials.
  • IPC Class 2 - A600 and IPC6012 Class 2.
  • Excludes microvias, via-in-pad, blind/buried vias.
  • New part numbers only.  Up to $800 discount.

Limited time offer. Restrictions and exclusions may apply, please call for details. This offer may not be combined with other offers.

PCB Fabrication Special: Limited Time Only


142 FREE Expedite Special

​​​Get 1 Week Turn at our 2 Week Price

244 FREE Expedite Special

Get 2 Week Turn at our 4 Week Price

FREE Tooling

Waive NRE Tooling Cost


Add Electrical Test at No Additional Charge

Special offers may not be combined. Some restrictions may apply. Please call for details.

FREE Tooling OR FREE Electrical Test 

On Custom Spec Orders

Call for promo code.
NOTE: Excludes Controlled Impedance & Class 3

FreeDFM Discounts

  1. $50 OFF - 2-Layer Standard and Custom Spec Orders
  2. $100 OFF - Multilayer Standard and Custom Spec Orders
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Standard Spec PCB Specials

  1. $100 OFF 3 - 4 Layer Standard Spec Boards (Use Promo Code: 100OFF)
  2. $200 OFF 5 - 6 Layer Standard Spec Boards (Use Promo Code: 200OFF)
  3. $300 OFF 7 - 8 Layer Standard Spec Boards (Use Promo Code: 300OFF)

Note: If ordering thru PCB Artist™, the Standard Spec Promo Codes listed above may be used only when ordering thru PCB Artist "Expanded Service."